Behind the scenes: How I planned my trip to Paris

PARIS (example trip):

Well lets just say I'm always on a budget being a full time student and full time employee, things get difficult. But not impossible! when traveling on a budget always make a list of the of all things that are important for the trip, such as; flight cost, hotel, transportation, attraction entrance cost and of course food! make yourself a spending limit of $20-40 per day. This should be a reasonable amount.

Flight & Hotel:


Flights are always costly depending on the location, if you plan to travel over seas make sure to plan ahead and buy your plane ticket with anticipation. The earlier the better, prices will be cheaper. Another little secret that not much know about is a website called this is a website where you can rent a bedroom, apartment or house owned by a local of the country you're trying to go to. The website is very reliable, I found a very central apartment in paris for only $65 a day. The apartment was all to myself, at times the room/ apartment you are renting can be all to your self, or the owner can be renting out a separate room but he/she will be living there as well. All the owners of the rooms are always nice and very helpful with tourists (you can also see the reviews left on their accounts***). For example the owner of the apartment in paris gave me advice on the area, gave me directions from the airport to her apartment and left me a map, wine bottle, towels and soap to use. The website is customizable to your needs, you can choose how much you want to spend per day and it will give you all the options available.

Airbnb is available almost everywhere around the world!

Make a schedule for yourself, where you want to go and what you want to see. It helps to have everything organized that way when you're on vacation you know exactly what to do and when to do it. STAY ORGANIZED!

Also download the app:

ULMON: city maps to go

*** it could be another app, but download a offline Maps app, this will help you when youre on your own and need directions.

***Finally do research on the excursion you would like to do, it might be cheaper to get tickets at the actual location over trip advisor. Keep an eye out!


Feeding your self is very important, I suggest to have a large breakfast! this will help you start off the day right and you'll be less hungry around lunch. Also always look around for different options in price, never stick to the first option you see.

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