Welcome to my new blog

Greetings! this is my first official post on my brand new blog! My life has completely changed with in the last two years, Ive been traveling alot and its something I never really thought would happen as easily as it did. Im a girl on a budget, im working full time and taking three classes for my Bachelors so Im pretty tight on money but realized that cant stop me! Adventures and exploring are my calling and I always find a way to make them happen, while being on a tight budget. I decided to make a blog about it in hopes to help and inspire others to go out there and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN

Book mark my blog to learn about being on a budget when it comes to:

- Traveling

- Adventures

- Dates

- Fashion

- Life

- Eating

instagram is: @BudgetGirlLife_blog

personal instagram @Theartist_jm

feel free to email me with suggestions or topics youd like to see me cover

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