The best dates on a budget: Top 5

To create a moment you dont need to spend $100 on a date! come on we all have our ups and downs, or maybe we're on saving mode so here are my top 5 favorite dates to go on while on a


spending amount from $0-$20

Date #1

Park days

I absolutely love being out doors, going to the park for a stroll or picnic is always a good choice if you're not in the mood to be spending a lot of money. Do some research! find some parks you haven't been to, plan a picnic you and your partner can split the grocery fee all you need is; bread, sandwich meat, chips & dip and some drinks. You can always go through your fridge first to see what you already have.


My favorite park in Miami is Kennedy Park in coconut grove, it has this amazing view of the bay, you have to sneak in between the trees to sit on some rocks and ENJOY the view!

They also have citi bikes you can rent for $6 an hour, you can take a stroll down the park or actually go up streets and cruise around the shopping center in the grove

Date #2

Cooking night!

Instead of going out to eat at a restaurant and having to leave a tip, its a great bonding experience to cook with your partner. Spice things up and pick a theme, what kind of food are you in the mood for? Mexican, Italian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic? go with your theme and look up recipes with ingredients you already have. There are a couple of websites where you can literally put in what you have and it'll come up with a recipe for you! here is a link to a website I've come across before;

Date #3

Netflix and chill

You can never go wrong with Netflix and chill! dont know what to pick? well you're in luck! there is a website that will randomize tv shows and movies for you so you dont have to pick! check out the website ;

you can also buy some cheap wine and cheese to make the experience romantic

Date #4

Moon light picnic

Going to the beach at night is always so relaxing and romantic at times, I enjoy setting up a picnic blanket near the shore hearing the waves crash. What I like to take is a bottle of wine, some assorted cheeses and crackers with a small dessert. Its truly magical to be laying at the beach at night with your loved one simply enjoying the moment.

**** you can also bring a small speaker to play some french music ;)

Date #5

Explore by foot

Yes it requires you to walk! but its worth it, maybe take a drive to Wynwood and walk around (if you live in miami***) appreciate art, or you can go somewhere you've never been to and just take a stroll down a new path. Always discover something new, dont be afraid of the unknown , step out of your comfort zone. If it looks abandoned, explore it!

Date #6 BONUS

umm... GROUPON! you can find so many different things to do, maybe a deal for two to go Kayaking, to dine out or maybe go to a shooting range! set up a budget for the date and see what is available

here is a link for ROCK CLIMBING for two! I actually got this groupon a couple of months ago and it was SO worth it! I had a blast

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