What to do this summer?

Summer time is basically here, what will you do this summer that will be snapchat worthy? Well here is a small list of things to do with friends, solo or a partner in crime that can be completely free or at a great cost. There are literally thousands of activities you can do, if you're feeling adventurous, touristy, lazy, or creative.

1. Go canoeing/ kayaking at a local park! go with a group of friends and bring some food, wine and lots of water! don't dehydrate, I actually had a bad experience where I was drinking too much wine under the sun and I fainted ha! never again ($15-30)

2. Do a BBQ with friends, everyone can bring something to eat. Everyone loves to gather and eat some burgers and beers

3. Beach day! you could go with friends or go alone! if you live in a tropical place then take advantage of the sun. You can also have a picnic, or exercise underneath the warm rays

4. Cruise to the Bahamas: the cheapest cruise will always be to the Bahamas, you can find a weekend cruise between ($100-300) the great thing is that it includes unlimited food! all you need to worry about is paying for the excursions, or if you just want to get away and enjoy the boat you can do that also and spend less on the vacation. *** Here is a groupon for a 2 day cruise- https://www.groupon.com/deals/ga-bahamas-paradise-cruise-line-9

5. Road trip: you can take a trip around the state you live in or go to a state next door, you can find a cheap place to stay on airbnb.com and stay at a locals home.

6. Camping: the summer time is the best time to go camping, feel one with nature if you don't mind being out in the heat. Staying at a camp site is actually very cheap but you need to reserve a spot months in advance because they get packed very quickly. Do your research and find a camp site near your area!

7. Find a hobby: Go out of your comfort zone and try something new, summer is the perfect time to give yourself a deadline for trying something new, if you don't like it then at least you can say you tried it.

Try: painting, exercising, drawing, glass blowing, ceramics, archery, swimming, crafting........

8. Remodel your house: maybe you want to stay at home and change the ambience in your home, paint your furniture, get new furniture, buy new frames, make paintings to hang, re-arrange your furniture.

9. Go to a music festival: it can be a free concert or a full blown 3-day festival! find out what concerts will be happening in your area and start planning, maybe try out a new genre? you'd be surprised how your taste changes throughout the years

10. Pool days: if you have a pool invite over some friends have a little pool day get together, everyone can bring a snack or drinks. Find fun ways to make use of your pool, buy a cheap beer pong inflatable table, bring a volleyball or even make a home made water slide.

11. Go see snow in summer: of course summer isn't the same everywhere in the world, go up north and see some snow, go skiing, you can find some cheap flights if you do research and buy them at the right time. Alot of people want to come to the beaches and maybe you're tired of the same view? go on a weekend trip and spend wisely.

12. Take a class: maybe you want to take a summer course in cooking, painting, graphic design, interior design, coding, etc.... make summer a learning experience

feel free to send me your summer activities to be added on to the list!

enjoy summer 2016 xoxo

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