Perfect Piña Colada Recipe

June 22, 2016

The best drink to have during the summer is a Piña colada! you no longer have to wait at a restaurant for your cold refreshing drink you can totally make it at home!


Here is my signature recipe for a delightful summer drink, enjoy


*** ingredients below will be enough to fill up one blender***


1. Coconut rum (Malibu or Bacardi), or regular rum although the flavored rum will taste better ( amount depends on how strong you want the drink,  I usually put around 2-3 shots)


2. you absolutely need COCONUT CREAM!  use 1 can (my fav brand is coco Lopez, although it is not on the picture below it is my top pic)


3. Pineapple juice is a must! my favorite brand is from DOLE, I usually eye ball it but you can pour inside a regular sized blender around 2 cups


4. lots of ice!!  you want the consistency to be kinda thick depending on your personal taste


5. Blend it all together and  you got yourself a wonderful concoction, cheers!



PS: you can find adorable coconut cups and straws at the dollar tree for $1 each


drink supply total around: $16-20 and it will be enough to make 2 rounds for about 6-8 drinks














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