Shark Valley biking Adventures

Biking is fun yeah! ha! well if you know what you're doing and have the proper equipment! I went on my first legit bike ride through Shark Valley in the Everglades national park which is 15 miles I believe. I had no expectations, and was definitely not prepared at all. My friend and I only had two water bottles for the ride, that was mistake number one. second mistake we decided to go on this adventure in the scorching sun, around 95 degrees outside! also no shade anywhere, the trail consists of a long curvy road with absolutely no shade. We also went at noon so that was a terrible mistake as well, I suggest to go early in the morning or after 3pm. Third mistake, I have a Mongoose cheap bike from Walmart. I never thought the quality of bike could determine how your trip can go. The bike I own is so heavy! its not a easy ride, I was dying and to top it off I had no water once we reached the half way.

so very important, if you have a heavy cheap bike from Walmart... DO NOT GO ON A LONG RIDE! please listen to me it was so horrible, I was using too much energy from the very beginning. I do not recommend buying bikes from Walmart, yes they are cheaper and look legit but they are heavier and if you want to do long trails this isn't the best decision. I suggest to invest in a bike that is more than $200 for sure, maybe even a used road bike.

But besides the horrible legs and glutes pain I had at the time and they day after, the location and mid point (tower) has a great scenery. The Shark Valley Observatory Tower is the midpoint and reaching that is a glorious moment, not only do you feel accomplished but you have a great view of the everglades park.

ps: you need LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! 4 bottles of water per person! we had to ask strangers to help us out with some water because we were so dehydrated we felt like passing out.

In the Everglades national park there is a 15 mile trail called Shark Valley

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