Wynwood Crawl

July 8, 2016

The heart of miami is truly Wynwood, the crowd has shifted to the art scene in Miami. Wynwood is a neighborhood located north of downtown. The streets are filled with beautiful murals, great bars, local breweries and distinctive individuals.


If you're not used to doing things on your own I highly suggest you do it! its so exhilarating and makes you feel empowered. I always discover new little hidden boutiques, cafes and galleries in the ever changing Wynwood district, new places are opening up monthly!



here are some of the murals located in Wynwood and some cool places to hang out!


enjoy my Wynwood crawl








This cute little patio/garden open area is located behind the wynwood Diner. If you want to hang out with some friends in a less populated space, this is it! they also have a bar outside. 




 2601 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127





OMG the wywood block is one of my top places to hang out, Wynwood block 👌🏽 they have great coffee and natural juices 😘 oh and great decor 💋

The block is next to the Wynwood Diner and the backyard connects to the cute open patio, it also has cute boutiques. 







NW 27th st and 15th ave







The wall of Buddha's is located:


NW 26th St // behind the Wynwood walls street




same street: Near the GAB studio




these are all on the same block


around NW 3rd ave & nw 27th st 


** the black and white mural is perfect for photo shoots! its part of the Wynwood Building which has several little stores inside including my favorite cafe; Miam Cafe













Wynwood walls:











****** If you've done your own Wynwood crawl tag me on instagram to be featured! use the hashtag #BGLWYNWOODCRAWL <3












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