Make money from your closet

Want to make some extra cash on the side? one of my little secrets is an App called...


have you heard of it? well its an App where you can sell your used clothes, purses, shoes, accessories, just about anything fashionable. In return you earn money on listings YOU give and the app receives a small percentage.

*** could be brand new items too!


You upload images of your items, set a price, categorize the item, and then it posts on to your profile. In the app you have to follow as much people as possible, this will allow your followers to see and repost your items. ****(Try to repost items as much as you can, so it can be seen several times**

Every week Poshers host a themed party, where you can join through the app and repost your items on to that party. For example, one party can be "Best in tops party" in this party you can only repost your Tops to be displayed.

The great thing about the app is that when you make a sale the money can either go to your direct bank account OR you can spend the money on something you liked in the app. You are basically selling items you dont want anymore and getting new ones in return!


For each item you must display a couple of images, (always use images that truly display the quality of the product***)

You must also give a description of the item, give its condition, size, color, usage

I have made $58 from my sales and I barely use the app, meaning I barely promote my listings. I actually never keep the money I always let it save on to the app and I do some shopping for myself.


Shoppers can search just about anything, just go to the search tab and type in for example...

Kylie lip kit: and all things related will appear. You can like items and later on see all the items you liked in one page which makes it easier to shop.


You can always OFFER a different PRICE than what the seller wants


All items ship thorough USPS, with Poshmark the shipping is free all you need to do is package the item. Poshers usually include a cute thank you note inside for their customers <3

You also receive a tracking number for all sales and items bought

Hope that was helpful! enjoy poshing! any questions or comments you can email me or follow on instagram :D


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