ColourPOP make up haul

DIVERSITY is sooo in right now! I remember when everyone was going crazy for MAC cosmetics, everyone wanted to get their hands on the sleek look of the trendy products, but they were not cheap! Now thanks to the help of social media more and more companies are being brought into the spot light! I was looking for a new brand that would be affordable and durable.

I started seeing a lot of posts on this new company.. COLOURPOP!

I ended up checking out their website and when I saw their prices I feel in LOVE! not only were the products affordable but I had read great reviews and through the hashtag on Instagram I was able to see how the products looked on different skin tones. The brand has SO MANY different colors of MATTE lipsticks which are my fav! so many different shades and all lipsticks were $7!!! I could not believe it! The lipstick tubes are the exact same size as the Kylie Jenner lip tubes which are approximately $15

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Ultramatte lipsticks - $7 each

Brown Brow dip - $6 any shade

Mile high eye shadow collection - $25 (brings 6 eye shadows in a adorable box)


(from left to right- swacthes on my hand)

PACIFIC - coral pink color

TULLE- dusty burgendy

INSTIGATOR- like a peachy color

COLOURPOP also has:

Ultra lossy Lip

Ultra matte Lip

Ultra metallic Lip

Brow dips

Créme get liner

Eye shadows

Lippie stixs

Lippie liners




Sculpting sticks


the packaging is adorable! loving the design!!!!!

*** this one is INSTIGATOR & I'm also using the Brow dip in this picture

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