How to create a blog?

Everyone wants to create a blog, but some don't know where and how to start.

Budgetgirl has come to save the day! Below you will find some simple tips to help YOU start your long over due blog:

1. what is your blog about?


what do you want to talk about? Always pick a certain Topic/subject you would like to discuss, have a theme. NEVER imitate other bloggers, always have unique ideas, do a lot of research before starting your blog. IF you want to do something similar to another blogger that is totally fine! just do it in your own way

Don't know where to start? well.... what are you hobbies? what are you passionate about? what do you enjoy doing? what do you enjoy talking about? maybe you're passionate about books! or traveling! what ever it is make sure you LOVE what you're going to blog about.

If you are confident about your work then others will believe in your product as well!

2. Pick a name, be original! search your ideas to see if someone already has that name. It would help if you made a list of keywords that are related to your blog, start joining different words together to create a name!

example: A blog about food

- tasty

- delightful

- Yum

- fire up

- treats

join together? TASTY DELIGHTS.

**Always take notes, you never know where an idea will strike! Just like Jane the Virgin she always carries a notebook with her, inspiration is everywhere! she is my role model ~

3. Before starting a blog, always have a couple of posts ready for the launch! create a list of ideas! what would you want to talk about? this will help you stay organized

4. Design your website with a certain theme, be consistent. Maybe keep a color scheme, use same fonts. ALSO! don't have too much going on, it looks messy and not attractive, keep it simple

5. where can I create a website? well you can use a free website creator, for my blog I used its pretty easy to use and has several free layouts, there is also,

and much more! **literally drag and drop**** no web design experience needed, just creativity!

6. You can create a website without buying the domain, just begin designing the look, place the name of the blog in the front page, create the home page, about me, etc...

do not purchase domain name untill you are POSITIVE about the name, I would suggest to focus on the look of the blog and your posts first, leave the purchase of domain name for LAST!

7. Once you have a name for your blog, do research! make sure it doesn't exist, check on google, check the user name on social media. If they have not been taken start creating pages for your blog, including email.

**You can purchase a domain through the same website where you created the blog, I used Wix and with the plan I purchased it included my domain name for two years. It really depends on your budget, there are different plans, think about it before you purchase.

8. once you're ready to launch make sure all the links work, that all the social media buttons link up to the correct site. Social media plays a large role in blogging, you need all the platforms to promote your blog.


Instagram (most efficient)

Facebook (I didnt but many use this site)



showcase your blog to your friends and help them promote for you! if you're friends like the blog they will share with others and that's how the networking begins!

9. Try to create a schedule for yourself, when will you post on your blog? this will help viewers know when to be on the look out for your blog

(I'm still working on this, I need to follow my own advice >.< ***)

10. START BLOGGING! enjoy it! you are now ready to post and begin talking about what YOU are passionate about.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me through Instagram or email! info is in the about me

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