Fall 2016 fashions trends on the LOW

Fall has arrived and that means put away your summer clothes and start feeling the Fall vibes! mute down the colors and get ready for........

BURGENDY! Budget girl is officially calling it the color of FALL 2016

What to be on the look out for?

Well there is just so much going on but here are a few.............VELVET! yes Velvet is the new fashion trend, Tinsels and sparkle, retro vibes, chokers but of course! and Metal details! Below you will see stylish looks you can accomplish with out wearing designer clothes. Retro is back and with an edge, check out your moms closet you might just find a hidden jem

****Click each image to see where to shop the look****




Inspiration: Alexander Wang had body piercings all over the body! Yeah, he had metallic details in his entire collection, gives it a punk look.

A Studded leather mini skirt you can dress it up or down in this skirt


Not only are metal details back in style for the fall but so is SPARKLE! At the Runway designers had Tinsel all over their dressesq and coats! This adorable metallic long sleeve dress is perfect for a night out




Im obsessed with this Burgundy Velvet over all! reminds of one I had when I was like 7 years old lol! I still think its funny yet great that older styles always come back


Forever 21 - overall skirt

$19.95 (Skirt)

You can totally rock a pencil skirt with a band tee and some sneakers


Honestly you can never go wrong with leather! You CAN wear leather any weather if you just know how to pull it off! Im in LOVE with this outfit from Forever 21, the off the shoulder top is divine with this nude leather skirt. I couldn't find the link to the skirt on this one but you can see the shirt here.

~Retro vibes ~


Im adoring this double zipper faux leather skirt! The zippers give you a little bit of an accessory boost so you don't have to wear too much jewelry.



Here is a couple of items Im craving right now


Distressed black jacket

$25.99 (Bomber jacket)

Loving the Embroidery on the jacket! this is another Fall fashion trend!

This charming fuzzy pink dressed can be worn with a light wash Denim jacket or a black or white leather jacket


Pink fuzzy mini dress


Thigh high faux boots


$49.99 (thats a GREAT price!!)

$10.00 (Jeggings)

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