Plan your trip easier

I found the best website for traveling! It has totally made my life so much easier!

The website is Sygic Travel, this is a digital travel planner that literally does all the planning for you! You start off by inputting your destination, the amount of days and it'll create an itinerary that is perfect for your 4 day vacation! As an example I will use my New York winter trip.

Once you click what kind of itinerary you want depending on the days you are staying it will create things to do per day, don't worry! all the iconic monuments are on the list! You can always add things on there, such as a roof top taco bar you've been wanting of going to! (this is actually one of my stops on the trip haha) or a specific art Museum. It's completely customizable but it will always include the top tourist attractions!

What I love about it is that, it selects destinations that are near each other per day, that way you're not hopping from one side of New York to another. It helps you stay organized! The website even tells you how many hours it'll take to do everything that day, which includes how long you should be at each attraction for and how long it'll take from one place to another.

and the best thing.... ITS COMPLETELY FREE! its incredibly user friendly and you can even invite a friend to see the itinerary.

There is an app as well! This way you can have your planner on the go!

Try out the website and let me know what you thought or maybe you use something similar? share it with me on instagram @Budgetgirlife_blog - or - email me

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