$6 Blogger Hack: Stock Photos on a Budget

$6 Blogger Hack: Stock Photos on a Budget

Hi guys, I’m Taryn from Fashion with A Curve, I’m a college student by day and a blogger by night. Blogger hacks are a must for someone like me living on a budget. After a few months of blogging, I realized how important aesthetics are. At first I thought it was more so about how many pictures you post, but if there isn’t a clear aesthetic, your readers and followers will be confused. I also assumed that I needed to buy super expensive items to make my blog legit, WRONG!!! The other day I visited my local arts & craft store- Joann Fabrics. I was looking around, per usual, browsing at all the creative materials I could use for my blog. That’s when it hit me. Instead of buying a $50 rug, that I’d only use for my pictures, why not “make my own” and buy the material for a lot cheaper. Around this time of year Joann Fabrics has mega sales, to help the creative gift giver knock people off her list. The material I found was 40% off of $17.99/ yard. I was so excited that I found the perfect material to use. I took it to the store associate to get it cut, I then noticed that a yard of the material was a lot more than I needed, so I ended up getting half a yard, which only cost me $5.00. Now that I had my fur, I went to search for an alternative to the fur for backgrounds, I found this beautiful rose-gold glitter stock paper that would look amazing. Guess how much it cost - $1.00. Being a blogger does not have to be super expensive, if you have the means, then go for it, but if you are like me and blogging is a hobby, it pays to find the hacks that work just as much as the real deal. We should be working to break the internet with our awesome pictures and content, not the bank. Let’s be great together, one blogger hack at a time!

If you’d like to follow me, I am on IG: fashionwithacurve and on Twitter: fashionwacurve , Thanks for reading !

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