Target dollar spot Christmas haul 2016

We all know the dollar spot at Target is like a budget girls dream come true. You would be surprised at the great items that are there! Only because its the "cheap" part of the store doesn't mean they don't have quality items.

Below you will see a couple of gift wrapping items I purchased all under $10, which by the way are adorable!

1.) Stationary set - $3 (Gold)

comes with: Envelopes, and two sets of cards with different designs

**Ps, this is a cute gift idea for secret santa or stocking stuffer. I actually only got the box because I knew my friend would love it. It can be used as a jewelry box :)

2.) Gift boxes - $3

comes with: 2 large boxes, 2 medium and 2 small

3.) Glitter gift tags (2 sheets)- $1

4.) 8 count note cards - $1

( these can be also used has a Happy holiday card)

5.) Twine- $1

(perfect for tying the perfect bow on a gift box, also the top hat is not included in the Target haul. But I thought it was adorable lol. I got it on amazon for like $8)***

6.) Gift bag filler $1

Perfect for stuffing cute christmas boxes

Okay so plus the taxes an all it was around $10-12 but thats a great bargain for all these adorable items!

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