Top Tips for Travelling on a Student Budget

Hey there! Yvonne here from IndieAndLily and I'm taking over today here on budgetgirlife. I'm an Irish girl living in France, and like Jenn I'm a travel lover! Being a student I like to get the best deals possible and if like me you want to travel, but your dreams of getting away are cut short by lack of funds, follow these tips to book that next get away.

  • Decide on a budget

First things first decide what your budget is. Does it stretch to a week in the Maldives or a stay-cation in the closest city? Are you saving for a big trip or just need to get away now? Once you have figured out this you're halfway there!

  • Google Flights

This Google feature should be your best friend if you're wanting to hope on a plane sometime soon. Enter a departure airport, a date and start searching. All the had work is done for you, a map of destinations and prices are given so its just up to you to chose which suits you best. If you don't have specific dates you can look at a chart showing the cheapest day, week or month to go to your destination. This week I booked flights from France to Malta for €29 return. So I'd highly recommend it if you are planning on traveling around Europe. Its also brilliant for longer flights like to Europe because it shows you every way of getting here from short 6 - 9 hour flights to 40 hours, with long stop overs. With prices decreasing as layovers increase!

You could also check out Skyscanner which lots of people have been recommending to me lately!

  • Air BnB

Once you chose a destination next up is accommodation! Hotels are expensive and sometimes you might want an alternative to a hostel, Air BnB is it. From renting a room to an entire castle, there is something for every budget. You're renting from the owner who is most likely just looking to make a bit of extra cash so the prices are pretty good. I have had some great experiences with Air BnB and recommend everyone to try it.

  • Live like a local

To keep within your budget during your trip live like the locals and avoid the tourist traps. Every city is full of affordable restaurants, cafes etc. you just have to find them! So do your research before you go, I love to find other bloggers who live there and ask their advice. I have found some places which I would never have stumbled across so its definitely worth doing.

Traveling as a student is doable it just requires a bit of planning. I hope you found these tips helpful and if you have anything to add please let me know I love finding new ways to travel!

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