2017 New goals, new feels

Hello universe! It's the first week of 2017 and we all want to say, "New year, new me". It has become a overrated statement, but it also gives us hope to start fresh. Keep your goals realistic, don't put on too much, allow yourself to actually accomplish each goal. Stop doubting yourself and keep a positive mentality, write down a list of your goals. Don't just write it down, place it somewhere you can see every day. Maybe you can put it next to your bedroom door, hang on a bulletin board, whatever it takes to be constantly reminded.

Here is my list of goals:

2017 Goals, YEAH!

1. Become a happier person:

I'm not trying to say I'm never happy, I just tend to stress out too much. I want to learn to take things in a calm manner, enjoy the little things. Everyone goes through their own struggles, but I am blessed to be able to do whatever I want, I am alive, I am healthy, I have my family. So why shouldn't I be happy? we always want MORE, and this year I want to appreciate everything I have and the make the most out of life.

2. Help out others:

I always try to help others in which ever way I can. Whether its being there for a friend, giving advice or feeding someone in need. But this year I really want to do something big! I want to be more involved with feeding south Florida, or helping another country. If you have any ideas or advice please email me or send me a message on instagram. I've even thought about doing a fundraising event, someone want to help me with that?

3. Work on my Blog:

Budgetgirlife doesn't even have a year of being live, but I really want my first year to count. I want to make more collaborations (message me if you're interested). I've been very lucky with collabs last year, from a Scottish traveler to a Happilyeverpoor gal to a sea turtle loving blogger. My blog has become such a fun hobby to do, I want it to potentially have paid advertisements, product reviews. This year I really want to have other female bloggers join the Budgetgirlife team! (application forms coming this year!)

shout out to:






Follow them, they are pretty awesome!

4. Travel with my family:

Traveling has never been a thing with my parents, they only go to visit their families. The two options are Nicaragua or Cuba, and they don't go to explore their countries. When they go visit, its strictly to see family. In 2017 I want to treat my parents to a trip, not sure where yet. My family doesn't have any money, that's why they only visit when they CAN, their family.

Trip Ideas:

- Maybe a Cruise

- Costa Rica

- Denver, Colorado

- Utah

- Arizona- Grand Canyon

5. Move to another state:

My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years and we really want to start our family this year. We plan on moving up north, we know its a big step but we want to commit to this idea. Everyone is telling us that we will not be able to deal with the cold weather, not a lot of positive feed back... but of course they all want to come visit. I get them, we are two born and raised Miami kids. What do we know about shoveling snow? lol. Ironically, we both felt at home when we went to Denver last year, we felt like we belonged in the cold weather. #Staypositive

6. Save money:

Saving money is a really big deal this year for the simple fact that we want to move out. I'm not much of a crazy spender but I do buy random things sometimes. This year I seriously need to be on saving mode! no more buying random things on amazon prime or going to Ross with my mother, lol. Every time we go to Ross I like to get her something she wants, I just cant say no to her. #Spoiled

I want to save from 5k-6k *

Need to pay off at least one of my credit cards this year*

Not use my credit cards at all this year*

Try to put away $$$ every pay check, towards my savings*

7. Actually take advantage of my gym membership:

Working out as been kind of a drag for me lately, I'm always tired when I get out of work at night. I want to start going early in the mornings, its a great way to start your day. I'm not going to write about how much I want to lose 20 pounds, (this would be ideal*). But instead I'm going to try to go to the gym at least 3-5 times a week. I need to go to sleep earlier to be able to wake up fully rested and ready to kick butt at the gym! This year will be more about TRYING, pushing myself.

8. Freelance graphic design work:

I really need to start networking, and print out some business cards for myself. Mingling is a great way to meet potential clients, so in 2017 I will get more free lance clients. Building a portfolio is my #GOAL, I should be graduating this spring :)

**PS: If anyone needs some business cards, flyers, etc... designed please contact me.

9. Create more:

My boyfriend got me an easel for christmas so I really want to take advantage of it and paint more this year. I would also like to do a small sketch a day to improve my creativity flow. If you're having a hard time getting inspired I suggest you do a sketch a day, even if its a stick figure lol! You need to get your creativity energy going.


I seriously need to buy some vitamins, because I'm always tired. My friends call me the old lady of the group, I never want to go out late with them. I need to find energy in my life, lol. I definitely think vitamins, working out and sleeping well will really help me with this.

Okay so there are my 2017 goals, I hope I inspired some of you to TRY harder this year. Set up some realistic goals for yourself, small tasks that can lead to your great victory. If you try to put on too much you might get overwhelmed, or lose motivation. Stop comparing yourself to people on social media, become the better person YOU want to be.


On December 31st I went on a 14 mile bike ride, such a great way to end the year ~

This was my New Years Eve outfit ~ All black everything