30 before 30/ Bucket list

January 6, 2017

In five years I will be thirty... omg I haven't really thought about it until this very second.


30 before 30 is a bucket list that I would like to accomplish before I turn 30. Everyone always makes a bucket list to do before you die, but what if you minimized it for a 5 year period? Maybe this will motivate you to cross them off in a shorter amount of time.



1. Go camping! believe it or not I love the outdoors but I've never been camping! such a disgrace I know, but I want to go camping ASAP! somewhere in like Utah or Arizona <3


2. Create a painting that is larger than 3x3 feet


3. Visit Antelope Canyons in Arizona (ps. I'm kinda obsessed with Arizona)


4. Fly to Peru, and visit Machu Picchu


5. Zip Line anywhere


6. Hike up a mountain (all the way up)


7. Walk a Suspension Bridge


8. Climb a Volcano with my boyfriend


9. Relax in a Hot spring - preferably in Ireland


10. Sleep in  Cabin- In Nicaragua


11. Move to Colorado


12. Hold a Monkey


13. Stand under a water fall - or at least near one, lol Ive never seen one before. 


14. Get a massage (believe it not I've never had one professionally)*


15. Take a Swing dance class - with my boyfriend


16. Be a bridesmaid 


17. Meet a instagram blogger in person


18. Visit my childhood home -  dream about this all the time


19. Blow glass


20. Enter a Art Exhibition


21. Upscale a dresser- or any furniture 


22. Attend a Gala


23. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner


24. Attend a Cirque Soleil show


25. Take a mud bath


26. Have no credit card debt


27. Own a Canon DSLR with lenses


28. Carry a baby white tiger- or any tiger


29. Start my own business


30. Have a white christmas  



I have so much more but for now here are 30 bucket list items. I would love for you guys to do your own! and tag me <3 


Also let me know which item we had in common! I love hearing your comments :)


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