Press on nails are back

Okay so I officially declare press on nails the new 2017 trend, an old trend that has a major comeback. I don't know about all you reading this but I am definitely not a high maintenance girl. I love to go out and look good but I don't really have time to keep up with my nails, and visiting a beauty salon every 2 weeks. "Aint no body got time for that!". No, seriously I hate going to the nail salon every time my nail polish starts to crack and look "ratchet". I don't think people use that word as much anymore, but it was fitting. lol ~

The other day I noticed my friends nails looked fabulous, so I took a closer look and my friend said "They are press-on nails". I was completely mind blown they looked like legit acrylics. I remember press-on nails always looking way bigger than your finger nails. Also they always looked so fake from a mile away. But the ones my friend had on were so FAB! They had a matte effect and the color is like a PANTONE 5245 U, lol (like a dusty rose.) The fit of the nails are perfection!

Looking girly has never been this cheap! I feel like a total girly girl when I have my beautiful fake nails on lol! It gets me so excited to see my nails looking beautiful :)

From now on when ever I want to rock some long nails I'm totally going to get a set of press-on nails. The brand I used is

Ps. I bought them at walgreens on a random shopping splurge

All Kiss nails are $7.99 for any color!

Click image below to be directed on where to buy this:

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