Travel Q&A

Yay another question and answer tag! I love doing these because it allows the readers to get to know me a bit more :) I got this from ChloeVsWorld ~

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1. Where are you from?

Miami, Florida

2. How many countries have you visited? 4

3. Why do you travel? I love to see different cultures, architecture, monuments and most importantly to relax the mind and soul.

4. Favorite country? The Netherlands, everyone is so friendly. I love the fact that people own more bicycles than cars. Even the elderly ride their bikes, its so peaceful.

5. Most memorable experience abroad? It would definitely need to be visiting the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua! I never thought I'd be able to see one up and close since I live in Miami. (Flat land)

6. Where was your first plane ride to? Nicaragua when I was like 13

7. Something you always pack when traveling? A external battery charger and some comfortable walking shoes ( a must!)

8. Where would you travel to just to eat the food? Probably Italy, I love pasta and bread.... Yeah all the carbs LOL

9. Where would you love to travel to? Peru, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Russia, Japan and India.

10. Are you currently saving up for a trip? I am not, I am currently saving to move out of state. But I want to squeeze in a small trip for my graduation this year. Maybe go visit Cuba or Nicaragua to see family.

11. Favorite accent in the world? Northern- Irish ( Have to agree with Chloe) and also British

12. Least favorite travel destination?

I don't think I have a least favorite, I've loved every destination I've traveled to.

13. Preferred method of travel? MAGIC! lol I hate long flights

14. Hostel, hotel or Air BnB? I will always chose Airbnb, I love them so much I should work for them

15. Tips for flying long-haul? I totally agree with Chloe, I always chose aisle seat. Mostly because I get very claustrophobic on planes, I need space to breathe.

16. Worst part about traveling? Having to come back home

17. Most treasured passport stamp? I have not even looked at them, omg.... For some reason I think I haven't received any crazy looking stamps. I'll look at them tonight and do a update comment on this.

18. Favorite travel website? Airbnb and Spirit. I need to start using Skyscanner!

19. Advice for those who want to travel? Just go for it! You can not stress out about the money, just book your flight and figure it out. Even if you have to sleep in a 1 star hotel LOL, do it for the adventures.

20. Most hospitable country you’ve ever been to?

The Netherlands

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