Favorite Travel Experience: Ireland

Guest Blogger: Sincerely Jess


Traveling is by far one of the most exciting parts of life. When you get to experience a different culture or lifestyle than what your used to it changes your life for the better. I had the opportunity to go to the United Kingdom the summer of 2014 and of course I did. I had just graduated High school and this was my first trip completely by myself. I would spend 3 weeks in Ireland and 2 in England.

I specifically fell in love with Ireland. It was everything I ever dreamed of and more. I fell in love with Ireland first because of the movie Leap Year and always dreamed of going. Sometimes when you see a place in a movie it doesn’t always live up to expectations. Ireland exceeded all my expectations. I stayed in a little town in the countryside called Kesh which is in Fermanagh County. The people in Kesh were the most inviting people. It wasn’t unusual for a total stranger to have me over for afternoon tea. This quaint little town was like something out of a storybook. We’re talking rolling hills of green, castles, and the most wonderful people you will ever meet. One of my favorite things I did in Ireland was the Giants Causeway. The beauty of the Causeway is something that’s just hard to describe. Standing on the top is one of those moments that makes you feel so small. Not very far from the Causeway is Dunluce Castle which is also a magnificent sight. Being in Ireland for that month and experiencing their way of life changed my thinking in so many ways. People in Ireland are kind, inviting, and laid back. On my journey I never expected to fall in love with this little country but I did and I can’t wait to visit again in the near future.