What has Budgetgirl been up to?

1. I am about to graduate:

Ive been sooo busy with design projects, this semester I took on four classes while managing a full time job. Its been so hectic, working 8 hours plus going to school Monday-thursday. Being a graphic design student requires a lot of time working on projects that need to be revised more than twice. I've been working really hard trying to produce my best work, while trying to have a social life. I will admit, sometimes I slack, but Ive been up to date with almost everything. I come home so tired from work and school that I don't feel like doing ANYTHING when I'm home, I just want to take a scorching hot bath and watch Gossip girl. (P.s I love hot baths)

2. Freelance Graphic design:

While managing a full time job and full time school, I am ALSO getting some clients in between. I've wanted to just focus on school, but I need money! I have a couple of clients that as much as I want to say "no, I cant work on these projects at the moment", I cant! What if they find another designer? as much as I need the time for myself, I need to build my clientele for the future. Sometimes we need to sacrifice ourselves to move forward. Eventually, I'll have more time to relax, but for now I need to keep working my ass off!

3. Family and friends:

Family is very important to me! on the weekends I like to split my days into the following:

- family time


- homework

-cleaning and laundry

-hang out with friends

-wash my car

-relaxing (this rarely happens)

Besides the usual stuff, I always try to squeeze some time with my parents. When I was younger, as we all did, we got annoyed by our parents. But as a I got older I realized I want to enjoy being with them as much as I can because there are other people that cant do the same. So even though I have such a busy weekend with homework, freelance and life...I try to spend some time with my parents. and boyfriend. I also like to plan activities with my friends when I can, even if its just to grab some brunch.

4. Creative works:

Besides my graphic design, I am also trying to expand my creative field and get into photography. I recently got my first official photo shoot which went well! I was a little nervous since it was mt first time, but it was a great learning experience. I highly suggest to get out there and do what you've been wanting to do, who cares if you fail? at least you did it! Although I haven't had time for blogging, I have been attending blogger meets up which have influenced me to write this blog, and try to get back into the blogging flow. I recommend to be social with your community, find local blogger meets up if you are a blogger. If your interested in other subjects, there are so many meet ups going on around your city that you may not know of. Please google it! Google is your best friend.

So there you have it, because of ALL of this going on in my life I have not been able to blog. I apologize to those who have been wanting to collaborate. I got a collab post from Nahdia and I never got back to her, if you're reading this I am sorry. I haven't had time, and to be honest I lost motivation. Its hard to see other bloggers providing content daily, like omg... I don't have that much time to dedicate to my blog! lol HELLO I HAVE A LIFE! just kidding, I just haven't organized myself properly.

What I've learned from the blogger meet ups is: (this can be applied to anything)

- DONT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!!!! everyone's schedule is different. Some have more time than others, we all work at a different pace.

- set a schedule for posting ( form a routine, if possible)

- DONT BUY FOLLOWERS (I've never done this)

- do not imitate, find your nitch and commit to that (find your passion)

- get social! meet other bloggers and join blogging communities

xoxo, Budgetgirl

Hope you also noticed the new website look :)

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