Ipsy vs SephoraPlay subscription

Make up subscriptions are my favorite! why you might ask? well I am not much of a make up guru so when I receive a small monthly make up bag its perfect for my needs. They usually come with a lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, or eye liner. These are the perfect ingredients for someone who uses minimal make up, plus you get to try out new products. I have been using Ipsy glam bags for over a year now and I have been completely pleased. I decided to take on a new subscription box; SephoraPlay.

The SephoraPlay comes with a make up bag just like Ipsy, along with some make up items. This month I received my first ever SephoraPlay bag and was I pleased?..... to be honest, I was not. The bag was cute, but the items inside were a little boring. The only item I really liked was the GRANDE LIPS; which is a lip plumper that lasts 1-2 hours. It might just be my opinion, but it didn't come with items that I would use. The good thing is that this bag did come with more items than Ipsy. But with Ipsy, the items are something I can actually use everyday and keep in my everyday bag. (I prefer to receive lip sticks, body lotions, eye shadows, on the go make up*)

I wanted to try something new, but honestly I didn't like it so I cancelled my subscription. I am pretty sure they already charged me for a second month, so lets see how the next bag looks like. I will definitely post about it next month! The SephoraPlay bag wasn't horrible, I do like some of the items but I'd rather stick to Ipsy for now.

ps. both bags are $10 a month and you receive 5-6 items including an adorable make up bag

check what was inside:

IPSY: (bag- adorable ice cream pattern on a clear bag)

- Hempz body lotion

- Benefit Brow volumizer

-Mannakadar- Bronzer Highlighter

- Trestique lip color

- Pixi- silky eye pen

SephoraPlay: (bag- clear bag big pouch with words written all around)

- Grande lips- hydrating lip plumper

- Ragua- hair mask

- Milk- Blur stick

- Tata Harper - resurfacing mask

- Clean- perfume sample

- Trestique - highlighter stick

(inside the SephoraPlay)

This is the Plumper that came inside the PLAY bag (my favorite)

This is the May Ipsy glam bag

This post was mainly on SephoraPlay because I have posted about Ipsy before. I will link those other posts so you can see my other glam bags.

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