5 tips for decorating your room, budget style

Budget girl loves home decor, I am excited to share with you my tips and tricks for decorating and rearranging my room to have a new feel and look. Here are some simple tricks that require little to no money at all to achieve. I dare you to try it out this weekend, let me know how it went!


1. Offer up;

This app is my new best friend, not only can I make money from it but I can also find great pre-owned items. Offer up is an app where you can sell just about anything, but what I've been using it for lately has been FURNITURE HUNTING! I have been wanting to re-do my bedroom to have a more clean feel. So I've been looking into tall dressers because they occupy less space. So you can basically look up anything and they have amazing prices! you can haggle for a better price as well. You can find new looking furniture, or old, which you can up-cycle by painting or sanding down.

dresser I purchased for $40 (basically brand new)

Dinning table I have saved on my wishlist ($150) (like new)

2. Paint your room;

Color can really change the mood in any room. If you just want a different vibe in the room all you need is a new wall color. I always suggest to paint your room a light color, when you use dark tones they make the room seem smaller. Its okay to approach darker colors but be careful with how dark you go. Light doesn't reflect nicely with dark colors, if you don't have big windows I would not suggest dark colors.

colors I currently like;

white walls, light grays, mustard or yellow walls, and navy blue for accent walls. A green accent wall also looks wonderful with all white furniture, it does a great contrast.

Another tip, if you want more than one color I suggest doing an accent wall. This requires 3 walls in one color and the accent wall being the 4th wall, this is the one color that will stand out from the rest (accent wall).

3. Move furniture around;

Just as simple as that sounds, rearrange your furniture and you will automatically feel a different vibe. I do this at least 1-2 times a year. I LOVE moving things around. Just this year I have moved things around like 3-4 times.

*Ps. If you really want to go all out, draw a simple diagram of your existing placements. Then cut them out and move it around to see how the space will look like.

4. Less is more;

If you want to have a open feel, I suggest having less furniture. All you truly need is your bed, a lamp, and maybe one tall dresser where you can put your TV on top if you don't have a TV mount. If you're working with a small room then this will really help you achieve more space. Big chunky furniture is a thing of the past, work with simple, minimal furniture. Shelving can really help with storage, without having to use night stands or additional storage cabinets. This will also clear off the floor which will give the illusion of more space. If you're asking yourself, "How will I fit all my clothes in this minimal approach?" well, I am assuming you have an actual closet where you can put all your clothes in there.

If you don't have a closet, another tip is; get a bed with storage on the bottom. I currently own a low bed frame that has 2 large drawers on both sides, this is where I store my; winter clothes, art supplies and shoes.

5. Get inspiration/ work with what you have;

What if you cant afford new furniture? maybe your financial needs are some where else.

Have you ever heard of up-cycling? basically you take existing furniture and modify it to look new or different. You can make your old dresser look new by just painting it a different color and buying new knobs. You can do so many things to make your furniture look different.

How to up-cycle:

- paint over existing piece

- create a new pattern on the furniture

- sand down to give the worn down effect

- add new knobs

- go through your garage and make wall art from random objects

- you can make so many things with old wooden pallets (left over pallets are my favorite)

- go the the thrift store and find an old piece of furniture and just paint over it

- search through garage sales or through peoples trash

( I found my new corner night stand at someones front lawn waiting to be thrown away )

some examples below;

Budget girl will cover more home decor tips and tricks! If you have any suggestions or would like to show your own up-cycling ideas feel free to contact me! I would love to showcase your before and afters.

contact me through email or Instagram

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xoxo, Budgetgirl

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