5 ways to unplug

This post was made because we ALL need to unplug sometimes. I was inspired by Watercress&Wine and her stay grounded post.




1. Take a long hot shower and do this bizarre routine I invented LOL! when I take a long shower after a stressful day or week, I usually stay under the shower head (for a long time) and allow the water to run down my back as I think about the things I want. I say aloud " everything will be just fine, everything happens for a reason". I imagine all the negativity around the world and in my personal bubble to leave my body as I am taking a shower. The water is washing away all your problems and worries. Project aloud what it is you want, exclaim it with confidence and intention.

"I will find a new job"

"I will get that raise I deserve"

"I will find my dream home"

what ever it is that YOU want, say it out loud to the world. BELIEVE in your intention.

2. Go to a local park or beach and just wander .......


do not make up a schedule, just GO. Enjoy the wind in your hair, the sun kissing your skin. Explore the environment you are in and appreciate your existence in this universe.

(I never talk about my beliefs in my blog but I believe very much so, that the energy you put out into the universe has cause and effect)

3. Work out, this is the best way to unplug. Every time I am stressed out and just want to clear my mind I head out to the gym. Release all that energy in the squat rack or treadmill. Put your phone away, don't check your emails, or any notifications. Just live in the moment of working out.

4. Download the BREATHE app.

I am in love with this app because it generates meditations according to your emotions. You simply plug in how you are feeling and it gives you a selection of meditations for your mood. I went through a couple of months where I was having a hard time falling asleep. I would use the app right before so I could clear my mind.

Try it out! It's free

5. Be around people who make you feel appreciated and loved. There have been times when I am hanging out with my friend Amanda, and I've noticed we are having such a good time we didn't even take out our phones not once. We didn't take a picture for snap chat, we just lived in the moment. Wow, that is such a great feeling. Surround yourself by people who genuinely want to be around you and appreciate your presence. I also recommend to have family time, manage to squeeze some time for that.

~ Try these out, and let me know how it goes :)


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