DIY paint your jeans

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am going to show you my latest DIY project, which im so proud about. When I was younger I used to be more hands on, I used to make purses from old T-shirts and belts (my purses were so cool in my mind LOL). I really want to be more creative this year, I want to put more time into making things that make me happy.

I decided to take on a task I've been wanting to do for a while but never started on. I grabbed some old jeans that fit me a little loose to practice on. As you can tell from the title, I painted my jeans. I also made some rips on them and cut the bottoms to make them shorter.


- regular sharp cutting scissors

- a razor blade

- acrylic paint

- water

- Iron

1.) First step is to make the rips where you want them, you can mark them with a pencil. I used a cutting blade, I simply made three cuts. Make sure you do not go all the way through, or you will cut on the other side as well. After making the cuts you want, you need to wash your jeans so the cuts will get worn out and the ruffles will come out.

You can also cut the bottoms if you wish to make the pants shorter, after cutting them you can iron a fold.

2.) I used black acrylic paint to make the patterns on the pants. When applying the paint I also applied some water to dilute the paint. The water will make the paint appear less thick, and it will soak into the pants. (do not use a lot of of water, just enough to loosen up the thickness).

3.) The third step is pretty easy, just have fun! you can make some patterns, or color block. The possibilities are endless. Make sure to go over the design a couple of times, since the paint is diluted it will take a couple of strokes to get it bold.

4.) The final step is to let dry, I did this project at night so I let it dry over night. The following morning I went over the design with a Iron. The Iron will make the acrylic really stick on to the pants. You do not need to leave over night, just make sure to Iron your pants once the paint is completely dry. Now you just need to style them and have fun!

TAH DAH! new repurposed jeans that will give your wardrobe a new look!

Hope you enjoyed this! try it out, work with what you have :)

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thoughts? more DIY from me? let me know, I had so much fun.


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