BOX COFFEE; cold brew coffee bar in Wynwood

The summer heat is killer, but we all love to drink coffee all year round. Well I just discovered the coolest coffee bar in town. Located in Wynwood, Box Coffee is the new IT spot in the colorful city. Have you ever heard of a cold brew coffee bar? If you haven't, it's because its the first of its kind. But what exactly is cold brew coffee? and what makes it special? well, it has a lot to do with timing and patience. Great work goes into the product. The coffee is steeped between 18-24 hours at room temperature water. The coffee never touches hot water, which is mind blowing to someone who is used to having Cuban cafecito. This method actually makes the coffee really strong, so strong that sometimes it needs to be diluted. If you are looking for some great tasting coffee with lots of caffeine, look no further. But don't worry, they also have low caffeine options. The best part is the coffee is served cold, which is so refreshing.

"Smoother and bolder coffee because of the brewing process"

The founders of Box coffee are Lucas and Bec who have bar tending backgrounds, which they infused into their cold brew coffee. "Labor of love" was something Lucas mentioned when he was giving me the tour. He says it reminds him of the beer brewing process. (they actually brew the coffee in beer brewing fermentation tanks, which also gives a great decor touch). You can actually find mock cocktails on their "box specialties" section on the menu. They taste so good! I'm surprised its not alcoholic. I am in love, its the perfect environment to cool down and get some energy to continue your day walking through the colorful walls of Wynwood.

Great benefits:

- no burnt flavor because the beans are not being burnt, but rather steeped.

- 75% less acidic

- easy on the digestive system



Box coffee has a spectacular menu with coffee drinks and delicious teas. I was given the pleasure to sample some of their drinks; (all were so good, not even lying. I am super picky but these were great)

Rico suave (my absolute favorite):

cold brew coffee ~ organize chocolate ~vanilla ~ milk

Pink bits: (so refreshing, perfect for the summer and your Instagram pictures):

cold brew hibiscus tea ~ muddled watermelon ~ lime ~ ginger ~ mint

Ginger mule: (my boyfriends favorite!)

cold brew coffee ~ muddled lime ~ginger beer ~ rosemary

Florida orange fizz: (don't let the name creep you out, it was tasty!)

cold brew coffee ~ muddled orange ~ blood orange fizz

The bar was built in a shipping container, which is great for outdoor venues.

They also have a patio section where you can hang out and take great selfies

The coffee is fermented much like beer. It is left to sit from 18-24 hours to get the maximum flavor and caffeine.

The spectacular menu, my favorite was the Rico suave and Pink bits!

Ginger mule, Pink bits, Rico suave and Florida Orange fizz

Pink bits is SO refreshing and low in caffeine

Ps. there is a secret menu if you become a local ;)

I am so glad I discovered this cute little coffee bar, I can't wait to go back! let me know if you check it out. Enjoy,

xoxo Budgetgirl

Box Coffee

Location: 175 NW 27th St, Miami, FL 33127


@Boxcoffeemia (follow them!)

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