Get to know me- 25 questions nobody ever asks

July 25, 2017

taken from my favorite little blogger/friend chloeVsWorld:


Get to know me more :) 






1.) What is one quote you live by?

"everything happens for a reason"


2.) How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?

only one real relationship


3.) How much do you weigh?

really? lol... I don't know maybe like 140 (yeah I got some meat on me)


4.) How long does it take you to shower? 

I take quick showers, maybe like 5 minutes. SAVE WATER, SAVE THE PLANET


5.) Something you really miss?

not having bills


6.) What turns you on in the opposite sex?

respect, motivation, passion and sense of style


7.) What turns you off? 



8.) Last time you cried?

the other day talking to Amanda on the phone (drive to work)


9.) Last book you read?

Girl Boss


10.) Last place you went on vacation?

Nicaragua (please go visit its beauty)


11.) Last song you sang?

Paramore- grudges


12.) Favorite chat up line?

what show are you watching on netflix at the moment? (seriously, what is it?)


13.) Last time you kissed someone?



14.) Which physical feature do you get complimented on the most? 

Chloe, where did you get these questions from? LOL


15.) First thing you notice in the opposite sex?



16.) If you had to live in the world of the last movie you watched where would you be living?

Spider Man, I'd be living in Brooklyn and I would love it 


17.) If you could have any celebrity as your best friend who would it be?

Elvis Duran, he is fab


18.) Something that makes you happy?

being outdoors


19.) Something that makes you sad?

not being around people I love


20.) How do you feel about public affection?

keep it PG


21.) A fear you have overcome?

the fear of being alone, I used to not even like getting coffee at Starbucks if I wasn't accompanied by someone. Now I treat myself to coffee dates all the time in Wynwood, I even enjoy working out alone at times. The biggest fear I overcame was traveling alone, I cant believe I went to Paris all on my own. (you can totally be alone, and its okay)


22.) What’s the best gift you ever received?

hmmm..... the promise ring my boyfriend gave me (I can never take it off)



23.) Which emotion do you experience most?

Is tired an emotion? <----- have to agree with chloe lol


24.) Scariest experience?

probably watching the conjuring or any movie Directed by James Wan...... I haven't had much scary experiences. (maybe that one time I was riding a horse up a volcano)


25.) What is one thing you really want right now?

my dream apartment (which I will find soon), and also a higher salary. Besides that, I am so grateful for everything I have, all the things I've been able to do. We will ALWAYS want more, but I thank God for everything I have. 




I challenge you to take this questionnaire!






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