Parabo press review: Budget printing

August 1, 2017

Nothing feels better than holding a photograph in your hands. Times have changed and we only hold images on our phones or our google drives. I discovered Parabo, a budget friendly printing  company that I just had to share!


They print all sorts of products, soft cover book albums, individual prints, posters, black and white large format prints, and so much more.


what did I think about the company?

- affordable and cute packaging? SOLD! 


here is something I would like to share with you guys:


Take advantage of my promo code to get $10 off your first order<3



I am loving this company, the website is very user friendly. You can easily upload your own photos or grab them from Instagram and Facebook. Its so easy! 



these are free






Here are some products I've received 

- single square photos

- soft cover photo albums







promo code below --------->



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You can use the promo code for $10 off or you can get free prints with Parabo press just pay for shipping!!!!

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