My Frost Science Museum experience:

New Museum opened up in Miami this year, I finally visited! I've been wanting to go before it even opened but never seemed to plan the date. I decided to go on a Saturday afternoon with my cousin and her 1 year old. The Museum is VERY kid friendly, its basically an educational experience for all ages. We all know the signature aquarium photo everyone has been posting on Instagram is the IT factor. But there is so much more than that! I will admit, that circular view into their aquarium was BEAUTIFUL.

You can enjoy beautiful views from the rooftop, and as you start making your way down the levels of the building you can come across;

- touching sting rays

- seeing live coral and small fishes

- touch sea urchins

- see a beautiful circular display that's views into the aquarium

- there are several kid sections for exploring and learning (great for kids)

- see different types of jelly fish

- the Planetarium is outstanding! (great educational experience) and beautiful visual effects

- plus much more.....

what was my favorite part?

Definitely the Planetarium, the visual effects were out of this world. I was not even wearing 3D glasses and the effects felt very dimensional. "Frost Planetarium uses 16-million-color 8K projection". The seats were very comfortable and the show was very interesting. I watched the "Dynamic Earth" (24 minutes) show which showcased Earths climate system narrated by Liam Neeson. Besides that, I enjoyed just walking around and enjoying the architecture along with the extraordinary views.


Ps. If you are a Florida resident you can use the promo code: MIAMIDADE (will receive 15% off). For two tickets I paid $48 with the code.

Thoughts about the entire experience?

Over all I had an incredible time, but I do think the museum can do so much more. The building is huge, and most of the space was occupied by offices and labs. I still recommend to go check it out, it was lovely. But here is some useful advice..... go to the museum on the second Saturday of the month. Why? you might ask. Well, the Perez Art Miami Museum is next door and on the second Saturday of the month it has free entrance. I suggest you go on that day, wake up early. Go to the Frost Science first, then walk over to the PAMM. Enjoy a full day of exploring for a great price! (that's what I did with my cousin ;)***

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