Tri-rail adventures in Florida

What exactly is the Tri-rail you may ask? well, its a train that has 19 stops in Florida. I have never heard of anyone using this train to get around, I was shocked to find out it actually existed. I have no idea how I came across it, I must have been researching how to get around in Miami. I am always trying to find new alternatives to just about anything. When I found out where the stops were located in Florida, I got excited and decided to plan a day of adventures.

I had never been to any beaches up north, so that was the start of the adventure. The train goes to three different counties. Which include; Miami-dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. The train fee is $5 for all day access. I later discovered there was a train station located at the Miami International Airport. The station also had free parking, so I left my car parked and hopped on board. The train was pretty big, it has two floors with spacious seating.

After looking at all the train station stops, and doing some research on the beaches. I decided to check out Deerfield beach, it looked like a beautiful beach with a long pier that leads you into the water. I was surprising my boyfriend on an adventurous day so all of this was a surprise. He did not know where my car was driving to, and when he saw we were near the Airport, he thought I was lost. When I finally parked he realized we were about to ride the Tri-rail.

The train took about 40-50 minutes to reach Deerfield beach, we were both so excited to explore a new beach. Riding the train was a great option if you do not like driving for almost an hour, you also avoid traffic and don't have to pay for parking. We simply took an uber from the stop to the beach, which was like a 10 minutes ride. Once we got dropped off at the beach we were in love with how different it was from Miami beach. The Pier was beautiful, also great for fishing.

We truly had a wonderful time exploring alternative modes of transportation, and hanging out in a new area with a beautiful beach. We spent the whole day relaxing, under the sun. Enjoying life!

If you have any questions about the Tri-rail, let me know!

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