Travel light must haves! (promo codes + links)

You already know I travel light, I do not pay for additional baggage. I keep it SIMPLE GIRL! I don't play, lol. I wanted to share with you guys how I travel, what I bring, these are my must haves. Stick around, I'll be including a promo code to save some money and links to where you can purchase the budgetgirl travel style. These are all budget friendly and essential to traveling light.


Always travel with a good backpack if you are doing a weekend getaway or a 3-4 day trip. I recently got this travel/ hiking book bag that folds into a tiny little bag. I really hate bags that are heavy because it just adds on to everything else you put inside. The bag is super light weight. It has two big front pockets, two water bottle pockets on the side and plenty of space on the inside. It's actually a pretty spacious bag despite it appearing small in the pictures. It's perfect for traveling, it is also water proof! So you can definitely go hiking under the rain and your belongings will not get destroyed.

I definitely recommend this bag for anyone who is going on a hiking trip or weekend get away. They have the bag in blue and black. I love the material! it will be very easy to wash by hand and dry. Also,

the great thing is that if you're an Amazon Prime member you get free shipping! I am in love with my bag! can't wait to use it on my next adventure!

here is the amazon link;


Want one ?? Order it with this 20% promotion code [B25WF6ZD]


So when I posted my passport holder on Instagram everyone LOVED my red holder! I am so sad to find out that amazon currently doesn't have it. BUT I will still include the link in case they randomly restock, ya girl got you!


Here are other passport holders under $20 through amazon ;)

*links to purchase are in the description of each image***


My good friend Wendy got me an adorable roll up organizer for christmas. I take it everywhere, its a great way to organize your toiletries and make up for on the go. I found this cute black one on amazon for $12.48! you can not go wrong that kind of a deal! I love how this one has several compartments. This will allow you to have more space in your travel bag. #Musthave

(click image to access purchase link)


Do not bring full sized products into your luggage! Instead buy some refillable containers, where you can store your hair products, skin care creams and more. You know you are NOT going to use an entire Shampoo bottle, use your available luggage space wisely.

these are $15.99


Not really a must have, but its a definite MUST KNOW. This tip was actually something I learned from my boyfriend. If you roll your clothes into long cylinders (this is the only way I can explain it, lol) it will occupy less space and allow you to fit a lot more into your book bag or suit case. When I went to New York I took a hiking book bag and fit SO MUCH CLOTHES! I don't know how I did it, but it was DONE. Trust me, this is very important when packing.

enjoy your travels! Let me know if this guide was helpful. Leave a comment on here or on Instagram! support ya girl

xoxo, Budgetgirl

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