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Subscription boxes are definitely the new wave in the makeup community. There is so much makeup out and sometimes consumers don’t even know what brands or products to try. Subscription boxes are a great opportunity to get exposed to new products for an overall low cost. Unlike Pokémon, we can’t have it all, but we can get close!

In the full-size range of subscription boxes, there’s a lot of debate about which is the best one. I usually see Birchbox vs. Boxycharm battles. I decided to see what all the hype’s about and subscribed to Boxycharm in August. They temporarily waived their waiting list, so I thought it was the perfect time.

Boxycharm is a fairly new subscription service. Their HQ is in Miami, which feels pretty cool because most corporate offices in the beauty industry are located in California or New York. They mail you out 4 - 5 full-size products for $21 a month. The products usually total to $100+.

I’ve only been subscribed to Boxycharm since August, but I must already say I’m really impressed! In August, the box included a Tarte eyeshadow palette, a liquid lipstick, PUR false eyelashes, a 3 piece brush set from Moda Brushes and a pencil eyeliner. Everything was fantastic!! I couldn’t believe I got such great products.

September’s box brought a PUR eyeshadow palette, a powder blush, a Brigeo hair mask, a Bare Minerals foundation brush, a Colourpop Ultra Satin Lipstick and a MAC retractable brow pencil. I was just as impressed!!

I’m missing the eyeshadow palette and eyebrow because I gifted the palette to my mom and misplaced the pencil lol!

I just got the October box yesterday and I had mixed feelings. At first, I was disappointed when I saw the sneak peaks on Boxycharm’s Twitter. I saw the products were a Dr. Brandt exfoliator, a Tarte Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint, a lip pencil, a cream eyeshadow crayon and a either a liquid or powder Becca highlighter in Prosecco Pop.

When I got the box, I realized it was a great box anyway. I think I was a lil disappointed prior just because I heard Boxycharm subscribers were getting eyeshadow palettes until the end of the year. It wasn’t confirmed by Boxycharm, so only trust sneak peeks posted by Boxycharm!

Overall, Boxycharm’s variety is pretty sweet! I think Boxycharm is a great way to try so many brands. I’m always in the market to try lesser known brands, so this is a great way to do that. The box is also great to share; I share the makeup with my mom! If you’re not into a product, you can save it to gift it to others.

For only $20 or so, you get a great share of makeup. This is a great option for makeup fanatics on a budget because you get high end and drugstore priced brands for only $20. Think about it — it’s easy to drop a $20 for something you like. Imagine doing it for 4 - 5 things you can potentially like! If you’re someone into makeup, you’ll probably pick that many products a month anyway.

If you’re not convinced to sign up for Boxycharm or at least a subscription box, look them up on Instagram to see the products people are posting. Not everyone has the same products each month, so it’s cool to see what people got. If you’re makeup obsessed like me, you’ll sign up for one eventually!

What do you think of the products I got? What subscription boxes seems to appeal to you?

Be sure to share your thoughts with Jenn and I on a comment above or instagram! Thanks for letting me pop up on your blog this week, Jenn! We’re just two budget girls living life and saving coins. Thanks for reading! 💋

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