Traveling to Nicaragua, and its beauty

If you have never considered visiting Nicaragua, I do not know what you have been waiting for?! This post will make you go visit, mark my words. Do you know where it's located? Nicaragua is in Central America. It's weather is pretty hot, all year round. The country has gorgeous sceneries from Volcanoes, to beaches, to Spanish architecture, to Baroque Cathedrals and over all positive vibes. I honestly want to go back every year and visit every little city in this beautiful country.

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- set between the Pacific and Caribbean sea

- "Although Nicaragua’s capital is Managua, the city of Granada is probably the most popular amongst tourists, and in fact is the oldest city on continental Latin America. It was founded in 1524 by Hernandez de Cordoba, who gave his name to the national currency – the Cordoba."

- Main language is Spanish

- Tourists come from all around the world to surf in Nicaragua, it is one of the best countries to do so

-Most of the food is corn based

Beautiful places to see

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My adventures:

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Must visit:

- Granada (Spanish colonial architecture)

- Catarina

-Isletas de Granada

- Masaya (great for shopping)

- Playa Gigante (beach)

-San Juan del sur (beach)

-Volcan Masaya


Nicaragua has great pricing for tourists. Everything is relatively cheap for our standards (Americans). I paid around $15-20 for a personal boat ride around the Islands of Granada with my two cousins. The boat ride included a tour, we were able to get down in one of the small islands where there was a fort. It even included a visit to a small island that had monkeys hanging on the trees and we were able to feed them coconuts. ALL of that for $15-20? that is unheard of. You can do so much with little money. The entrance to a Volcano along with a horse ride up the Volcano must have been less than $50 per person. Nicaragua has beautiful destinations that you NEED to go visit. A plane ride from Miami to Nicaragua is usually $450. This is the most you would spend on the trip, staying at a hotel or airbnb is very affordable.

what to expect:

- Genuinely kind people. Everyone is so nice and welcoming.

- safety, I have never felt scared or in danger

- beautiful landscapes, mountains, volcanoes, beaches..etc

- AMAZING food, and so cheap too

- wonderful markets

- great weather all year round

- amazing Instagram worthy photos ;)

Thank you for getting to the bottom of this post, let me know your thoughts



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