How to plan a office Thanksgiving potluck

Whether you are planning a potluck for your office or for family and friends, this post will help you be organized and prepared. Have you planned one before? If not this will come in handy. I consider myself the queen of potlucks at my company because I have been planning them for 5 years, I get so excited when the day comes. Always looking forward to what dishes are brought.

What is a potluck?

"a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish." Basically everyone brings in a dish or dessert to the party. The lunch or dinner is made up of different dishes that the attendees brought. It's a great way to bring people together.

Tips for planning a potluck:

1.) Choose a date that everyone or most can attend. This will usually be a couple of days before Thanksgiving day.

2.) Choose a time that will work well with attendees schedules. (If this is for an office 12-1:30pm sounds good to me. Morning and night shifts are usually still at the office.)

3.) Once you've chosen a date and time you need to send invites! I always send two emails. One at the beginning of the month to remind everyone the potluck is coming. Then I send a second email the week of the potluck! (It's almost here, are you ready?)

4.) Print out POTLUCK signs and post them all over the office! (If you can).

5.) Print out a sign up sheet. You can either go around the office and sign people up. OR you can paste one near the entrance and exit of the office so co workers and sign up on their own. ( I hang my sign up sheet where we all clock in and out) *** verbally tell co workers about the party as well!

6.) Send a list of what to bring, sometimes people really do not know what to bring! help them out, make a list of main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. Make sure to include plates, silverware, napkins, cups and ICE! ~ bonus**** food warmers

7.) As the day gets closer, go over the list. Are you missing important items? make sure you have the basics covered. If someone has not signed up yet, you can let them know what you are missing.

8.) Make decorations! Don't spend too much money on this, maybe you can print some stuff at work! cut and paste them, you are set! No one cares about decorations, they just want the food. But this will give the party an extra touch. Last year I made turkeys out of left over flyers, it was awesome! (center pieces)

9.) Do you have an area to set up? make sure to talk to your managers and see where you can have the party. You might have to make shift some tables.

10.) Check the list one more time 2 days before the party, make sure you have everything you need.

11.) send out ALMOST HERE email 1-2 days before party. Get everyone hyped!

12.) When they day is here organize all the food, put the sodas in the fridge or cooler. Separate the desserts and the main dishes. Set everything up nicely on the table.

- plates & napkins

- breads

- appetizers

- gravy and potatoes

- main dishes

- desserts

13.) Make sure to organize a flow around the table, create a starting point.


here is a little GIF I made to remind everyone about the upcoming POTLUCK!

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This is the sign up sheet I use every year, got it in google!

Just google " potluck sign up sheet"

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