2018 focus on self care

Every year you should focus on self care, but most of us do not make time for it. I personally really struggle with this because I get used to my ways and forget to take care of myself. Doesn't it feel amazing when you get a manicure and a pedicure? or when you get a fresh blow dry? well these are the small tasks I will cover to help YOU work on your self care this year.


1.)Stop stressing and start living

It's understandable that you will stress out about situations in your life. But you need to create a balance between worrying and obsessing. Take a chill pill! you are alive, you have the power to turn things around. START LIVING, go on a hiking trail, visit the beach, visit a friend, plan a trip. Do something that will make YOU happy. Don't have anyone to go with? no problem. Learn how to be independent, take a solo trip! BE MORE ADVENTUROUS

2.) Exercise and get a reward

Every New Year we tend to say we will get fit this year, but never really commit. How can you stay motivated? by treating yourself every time you go to the gym! Create a piggy bank for every week you go the gym you get $5. If you go every week for a month that is $25 a month! If you go the whole year that is around $260 that you just saved by working out. This might not sound like much but its a great way to save some cash, treat yourself to a new watch!

(got this idea from @Threadsobsessed )

** You can set yourself different goals but the idea is to treat yourself for going to the gym

3.) Meditate

Don't worry if you don't know how to meditate, you can do it in your way.

- Leave 5 minutes of your day to do so (in the shower, before bed, before work)*** close your eyes and reflect on what you are thankful for. Focus on what you want to accomplish ~

4.) Pamper yourself

What do YOU do to treat yourself? what ever that may be you need to make more time for it. Get a manicure and pedicure, treat yourself to a Groupon spa deal, or maybe you like nice hot baths. Pamper yourself more often, a relaxed version of you is the best you!

some of you girls might already have this locked into your routine, but for those who do not here is a tip. Wake up a bit earlier and do your hair, how gorgeous do you feel when you have a fresh blow dry? start incorporating time into your daily schedule to make yourself look put together.

5.) Buy a new outfit that makes you feel beautiful

This year, stop wearing outfits that don't flatter your body. Do some research for your body type and find the perfect outfit! I've noticed when I wear a dress fitted to my shape I feel so confident!

6.) Eat healthy

Eat healthy, but at your own pace and preference. The moment you set a routine you will feel better about yourself.

You don't have to completely change your diet, just start reducing some of the foods you eat. Have smaller meals, don't stress yourself out about making big changes.

- less rice

- less sugar

- more protein

- protein shakes

- less bread

- more fruits and vegetables

- eat nuts!

Don't forget to have a cheat day ;)

7.) Make a to do list and mark down accomplishments

How amazing does it feel to cross off goals or tasks you had planned? I highly suggest to get a journal or a big calendar to write down things you want to get accomplished. I have a calendar next to my desk where I write down appointments, due dates for bills and special events. I always scratch them off when I am finished with each goal. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that I paid off some bills before their due dates. Being organized will help you feel unstoppable!


What exactly does that mean? maybe you can take a break from social media, or a break from your busy schedule and just RELAX. Spend time with your family, plan a girls trip, go out with your boyfriend and put the cell phones away!

Find time to work on yourself, and remember you are cable of doing anything you set your mind to. Self care is very important because the moment you feel confident and motivated, you will begin to walk in the path to your success story.


Start the day off right, tell yourself "today will be a great day". Say what ever it is you want for that day aloud with intention and the universe will make it happen, but you need to believe it.