5 easy ways to actually save money

“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.” —Edmund Burke

Here are some tips and tricks I have personally used or seen to have worked for others

5 easy ways to actually save money



The number one question I have for you is.... Do you have a savings account? This might sound like a stupid question to those that have had one for years. But let me tell you that A LOT of people don't have one. So if you are one of the individuals that does not, please open one up.

Are you in a relationship? open up a joint savings. The account will help you both save towards any goal you have.

TIP: Treat your savings account like a sacred thing, do not touch the money unless you absolutely need it. ONLY put money into it, do not take money out. What I do is, I tell myself that the money in the savings account is not mine lol that way I never touch it unless I absolutely need to. (Forget about the account, pretend it doesn't exist and it will help you maintain it).


Put away money on each paycheck, no matter what the amount is. You can start off with $50 each paycheck. If you get paid 3 times a month you will already have $150 saved! If you start off with $100 each paycheck you will have $300 in a month! wow, how amazing is that? YOU CAN TOTALLY DO IT!

I really try to commit to this, some months are less than others but I always try to put something away. Saving money has a lot to do with commitment, you need to have a plan and stick to it!


Do not buy what you do not need, stop shopping on amazon! lol The number one reason why Americans don't have much money saved is because we consume way too much, more than we need. Start reducing your spending habits, buy only what you absolutely need. It is okay to treat yourself once in a while but give yourself a reason to treat yourself!


Do you need new clothing? have you ever considered shopping at a thrift store? If you don't know, I recently stopped shopping at major clothing stores and started looking into thrifted clothing. Let me tell you....I can go to the Goodwill, spend $50 and come out with like 7-8 items! It's insane how I find the best pieces. I have come across designer pieces for like $9. I also have this app called POSHMARK, where I can sell my clothing and make money. I can also use money I earned to shop through the app, you can find ANYTHING. I have my eyes on some Louis Vuitton purses, everything is so much cheaper through the app.

check out a blog post I made a while back about the app, it'll give you a better idea. ----->

How to make money from your closet


STOP eating out so much! seriously, make a grocery list and stick to it. You can literally make the same meals at home and spend a lot less and have left overs! Instead of buying lunch every day, wake up earlier and cook for the week! Meal prepping is such a wonderful thing. I will admit I have never done it, but this year I really want to try it out!

I usually bring food from home to work, I don't like spending so much money on food. You can eat out and do what ever it is you want as long as you find a balance in anything you do.

Hope these easy tips have inspired you on how to save money! Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment on the top of this page!