Not your typical Valentines gift guide

It's that time again, I feel like we sometimes don't even know what to get each other anymore. So here I give you a list of budget friendly presents, and also giving a twist on this special day. Let's think outside of the box and be spontaneous!

Here is my gift guide, enjoy.

1. Photo album:

This is such a cute and personal gift to give because it only includes the two of you. I highly recommend to print your photo album with Parabo press, I have a coupon you can use to get your first book for free just pay for shipping! You can also make them from home, print some photos and make your OWN photo album!

here is my link to my Parabo Press post + coupon

2. Plan a romantic night with home made chocolate strawberries:

Don't go out, stay in and make the best dinner together! But most importantly, grab some strawberries and Nutella and make your own delicious treats. This can be a gift on its own, just spend some quality time together. Buy some matching pajamas and make some desserts!

3. Vinyl Record Player for the two of you:


How cute would a record player be for the two of you? it can become a tradition where you guys always play romantic music during valentines day. You both can start collecting Vinyls as a hobby. This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, I must just buy this one!

4. Groupon:

Seriously Groupon should be your best friend. I suggest to find a deal to either have dinner or an experience. The deal of the month has been visiting the Frost Museum for two $32 (if your'e in Miami)// If you are located somewhere else then just see what deals you have going on! maybe there is a cooking class!

see my Frost experience by clicking here


Nothing is better than a hand made gift, bake something with LOVE!

here is a fun recipe I found online - link below

Red Velvet Cheesecake

If a cheesecake is too complicated for you, then just make some sugar cookies ro brownies! Buy some heart cut outs and get creative!

6. Write love notes to each other. Fill up a mason jar with notes!

7. Make your own Spa day! grab some items from the store; bath bombs, scrubs, facial masks... etc and have some relaxing time together

8. Make a list of "reasons why I love you"

9. Get matching pajamas!

10. Leave love notes around the house (make it fun, hide them inside their shoes, bathroom, cereal box..)

11. Make a home cooked meal with candles and flowers

12. Do a scavenger hunt around the house. Hide things they really like for example; favorite chocolate, favorite perfume, video games, jewellery.....

13. Take a dance class (you can find a cheap groupon online)

14. Take your partner on a date to a restaurant you both used to visit in the beginning of the relationship! (bring back great memories)

15. Wear a risque outfit for each other, have fun! let go

16. Buy some heart shaped donuts and coffee, surprise your loved one with a cute breakfast.

17. Get a massage packet for the two of you! ( so many Groupons for these)

18. Movie night, nothing but rom-coms (romantic comedies) don't forget to bring a bottle of wine and cheese!

19. Make a personalized bottle of wine with both your names on the bottle!

so cute ~ You can either order one to be made, or you can buy your favorite bottle and paint over the labels!



Thank you for getting to the bottom of the list! Let me know what you thought, the comment box is at the top of this page on the right side.