My 2 day trip to St. Augustine

Let's go on an adventure was the first thought we had when planning our Anniversary weekend. We knew we didn't have a lot of days off from work so we worked with what we had. I have been wanting to go to St. Augustine for quite some time so we both decided it would be a perfect short trip. The only down side about this story is that the drive from Miami to St. Augustine is around 5-6 hours including stops (the part that sucks it that we only had two days). But let me tell you, we had the best time there and even had thoughts of moving to St. Augustine.

Why St. Augustine you might ask? well, did you know it is the OLDEST city in North America? It was founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers. The city is known for it's historic Spanish architecture and charming narrow streets.

Now, let's see what I did on my short 2 day trip.....

Historic Adventures:

Castillo de San Marcos (fort)

The fort started construction in 1672 and it is the oldest masonry fort in the United States. I really wanted to visit the fort because It looked so beautiful inside and out. The fort is right next to the bay, when you climb to the top you have a stunning view of St. Augustine and the Matanzas Bay. When you explore the fort you feel like you are in a castle because in essence it is a castle that protected the Spanish soldiers from invaders. It's pretty interesting to learn about where they slept in the fort, but it also felt erie inside. The fort also kept Native Americans and African slaves inside, so I kept telling my boyfriend " this place is definitely haunted".

ps. There are several ghost tours in the city, we just didn't have enough time to go on one

Entrance cost: $10 per person and you can come back the next day to visit again

Exploring St. George street:

As soon as I saw photos of this charming street I just knew I had to check it out! The street is just one of a couple of streets that have been turned into a walkway for pedestrians with out the annoyance of cars or bikes. The narrow streets have bars, restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and amazing chocolate stores! You can probably get lost walking down these charming streets, they even have sides streets that connect. We found the cutest little store that was located inside of a shed! OMG everything was just so magical and pretty. The buildings have that old southern charm and look with their wooden porches and wooden window frames.

My favorite little store was: 29 Olives

The most adorable boutique! I wanted to buy everything in the store. We found the cutest cactus earrings for like $13!

29 Olives

Anniversary dinner at The Raintree Restaurant

This is a definite must go when in town. The restaurant is located in a Victorian home! omg it's stunning inside and out. I knew the moment we passed by the house I wanted to eat inside. The food is up to par with its beauty. Yummm..... just thinking about the food gets me hungry, it was delicious! The hospitality was also just incredible.

Anastasia State Park:

If you are an outdoorsy person like me then you will enjoy this 1,600 acre Florida state park. It has a beautiful board walk that leads you through sand dunes and into a gorgeous beach. We honestly felt like if we were in another state the whole time because everything looked so different and charming. The park also has some nature trails and several camping sites.

Entrance fee $8 per vehicle

Favorite moment:

So my boyfriend wanted to watch the sunrise with me on our last day there. We actually stayed at a hotel in front of the beach in Vilano Beach. The hotel was great! It was around $150 a night taxes included and it even included breakfast. We stayed at the Oceansands beach Inn. The hotel was so charming, the service was amazing and we really liked the fact that we could just walk to the beach. My absolute favorite moment was watching the sunrise with my boyfriend it was so MAGICAL. The sun looked HUGE as it was coming up from the ocean. The beach was so serene with extreme low tides and so many different shells on the shore. The beach was so different from the beaches in Miami, it was better. I highly recommend to stay here when visiting St. Augustine, the beach is like 10-15 min away from the center of St. Augustine.

Other things we did:

- Visited the Fountain of youth where we saw a recreation of a canon launch and obviously drank water from the fountain.

Entrance fee $15 per person

- Ate at the Salt life restaurant. The actual fishing brand Salt Life has a trendy restaurant in St. Augustine

- Visited a Antiques & Things store: found the coolest vintage board game, I am really into board games so finding this was incredible!

- Had very STRONG coffee at the Kookaburra coffee bar

This image is from goggle maps*

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