Confidence, change and growing up

Hello, Bonjour, Buenos dias! How are you doing today? if you are here in search of finding confidence or embracing a change let me just tell you.... no one can help you make those decisions but yourself! But I will share with you guys my recent experiences.

CHANGE, has been a revolving topic in my life for the past two weeks. I finally landed a job I've been wanting for a while now but I've been too scared of embracing something new. It's insane how we get to used to our routine that we feel out of place if it changes. On my first day of my new job I was SO NEGATIVE. I missed everything from my old job, the environment, the people, the noise. Not every job is going to be the same, it's obvious. But I felt scared of the change. I told myself at the end of the day that I could not continue this mentality. The following day I woke up and told myself "Today is going to be amazing, I've wanted this for so long". Just the simple fact that you tell yourself today will be better, that helps so much! We can determine how our day will go through our thoughts.

CONFIDENCE, is a word a lot of us want to have but don't know how to achieve it. The funny part is that we can ALL be confident if we allow ourselves to be. What is stopping you? no one. YOU are stopping YOU from getting to point B. I always thought I would not find another job because I was not good enough, but when I saw this new job was interested in me I knew I am totally capable of anything. They WANT ME for a reason, I am awesome. Yes YOU are awesome, believe it. Be confident in what you are passionate about, things will never go wrong if you are passionate about something and give it your all. Confidence is something people work for. Everyday do a task that will help you reach your goal. How can you feel confident at work, or about blogging if you don't even put all your effort into it? I am not perfect, I am still trying to find my confidence and it's such a fun journey.

GROWING UP, is kinda scary. Growing up can be interpreted in many ways. From going to a new job, to letting go of bad habits. We all grow every day, we learn something new. I knew leaving my stable job was going to take a lot of growing up! I was scared of the unknown... scared of failure. But I knew that this is what I had to do in order to GROW UP, and move forward. I encourage you to take a leap of faith, even if you're scared.. you need to make changes to move forward. You will never know how it could have been if you don't try, you do NOT want to live a life of what if?

So I encourage you to make CHANGES, find your CONFIDENCE and allow yourself to GROW :)

hope you enjoyed this post, I want to post more REALNESS ~



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