What Is Thrift Shopping? Let's thrift! (Part 1)

What is a Thrift store?

"A store that sells used goods and especially used clothes and that is often run by a charity."

A thrift store is anywhere that sells used clothes, this spectrum is wide! The Goodwill is NOT the only thrift store. A lot of charities have smaller thrift stores that also have amazing finds. Thrifting has a cause, they always donate to people in need. For example, The Lotus House a chic thrift store near wynwood is "assisting homeless women and children with special needs build a safe, secure future". They even have Apps that you can buy used pieces.

I have been thrifting my whole life. It all started in Salvation Army and now I'm discovering new places I can shop at. What's really cool is that now their are more chic thrift stores. Now you can even sell your clothes to them! and then use the money to shop again!

(some stores that do this are: Platos Closet and Buffalo Exchange) I will talk more about this on another post

Why should you thirft?

- You can develop a more eclectic/unique wardrobe

- It's like a treasure hunt! you never know what you will find, it's so exciting

- You save a lot more money!

- You can find charming vintage items

- You save the planet

- You can find articles of clothing for ALL seasons, all year round

Fashion goes green:

Thrifting is AMAZING for the world. Recycling fashion is a wonderful thing, if you care about our planet you will consider thrifting ;)

Thrifting tips:

- Find out when your local thrift store receives new merch, and go on that day! get the best items that day

- Go beyond the women's section, check the mens, little kids, everywhere! you never know what you will find

- Always look at the tags, you might just find a Versace shirt!

- Also find out when their sales are, sometimes a certain tag color will be 50% off

- Download the app POSHMARK to buy used items.. they even have designer hand bags! (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, YSL.... and so on) You can buy and sell items on this app. For more information check out the blog post I made about the app! click here

Some great pieces I've found:

This is a 2 part series! Next thrifting post I will visit 2-3 specific stores and give you all the info on what their cause is and which stores buy your clothes! (I have a bag of clothes that I will be trying to sell and I will document the whole thing)

Also, should I make youtube videos on my thrifting experiences and hauls? let me know in the comment section or through Instagram!

If you have any questions about thrifting ask away! How cool would it be to plan a thrifting field trip?! :o



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