I am featured on an online magazine!

This post is not about "bragging" that I was featured online. This post is about something MORE important... It's about not giving up.

I've thought so many times about deleting my blog. Yup, It's true. As I mentioned in my last post, blogging is time consuming and I HATE not giving it my all. During the month of May I was feeling extremely depressed. Not only was I beyond stressed at work to the point that I was anxious every morning and every night, but I also had a lot going on in my personal life.

One day I was at home, when I noticed I had been featured on VoyageMIA an online magazine that brings awareness to local creators. I couldn't believe that this happened to me, it's not a big deal but this magazine thought I was a good fit to be featured. That made me feel like wow... people believe in me. Sometimes believing in yourself isn't as easy as people think.

It's an incredible feeling when you are doubting yourself and then the universe gives you a sign... like BAM! KEEP WORKING HARD, KEEP PUSHING THROUGH BECAUSE THIS IS MEANT FOR YOU.

VoyageMIA finds a way to authentically shed a light on communities and the wonderful people they have!

Here is my story:

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