The 5 Things I Do When I Need a Energy Boost

At this date an age I feel like everyone struggles with anxiety and lack of motivation. I've been really struggling with anxiety this year, but I am not letting it take a hold of my life. If you can tell from my Instagram posts and blog posts, I am always on the hunt for something new to do. You can not expect an "energy boost" to fall on to your laps, YOU need to go out there and make things happen. Don't have a pity party, find things that will make you feel happy.

The 5 Things I Do When I Need a Energy Boost:

1.) Go outside:

Something as simple as being outdoors, feeling the breeze in your hair and the birds chirping in the back ground can feel so relaxing. Have you explored your local parks? beaches? or lakes?

Take some time to yourself or with a loved one to simply just be outdoors. You can plan a walk, or a picnic at your nearest park. Go for a bike ride! don't have a bike? then go ahead and rent one through LIME or other rental apps.

2.) Work out:

Nothing feels better than getting an energy boost from working out! I have been in fitness mode to the max lately! It's incredible how much you'll crave to work out if you actually commit.

You can make working out exciting, google FREE activities in your city. I have found so many FREE yoga classes in Miami, even FREE bootcamps! You literally have no excuses, go out there and make it happen!

Don't have a gym? no problem. Our local parks now have fitness areas with FREE work out stations, and it's outdoors!

3.) Re-arrange your bedroom:

Can you believe I arrange my bedroom 2-3 times a year? I just absolutely love seeing all the layout possibilities. I highly suggest envisioning how things will look before you randomly start moving items. What will make your room look more spacious? is there a furniture piece that serves no purpose? can you get rid of something?

Here is a tip***

Pushing your bed up against the wall will automatically make your room look a lot bigger than it is. Also, using light colors for your walls will expand the room and allow the lighting to bounce off the walls a lot more.

I am going to make a post about re-arranging/decorating your bedroom :)

4.) Try something new

What can that mean? LITERALLY ANYTHING! I recently signed up for some kickboxing classes and it has been sooo inspiring! You can always find a free class for just about anything, it's a great way to test try something new and see if you will like it. Trying something new doesn't have to be fitness related, it can also include doing something you have been wanting to try but have not committed time into doing so.

Here are some ideas:

- Paddle boarding

- Cooking class

- Pottery class

- Kayaking

- Going to church

- Salsa classes

5.) Shopping:

YUP! who doesn't love to shop? You can literally set a spending limit of $20. Go to your nearest thrift store and I am positive you can walk out of the store with 2-4 items with your budget of $20. Going shopping is not a bad thing, as long as you are responsible with your money it is okay to treat yourself! You can even buy something for someone else!

OR you can shop for home decor pieces :)

These are some things I do when I am in need of some energy boost, I hope these tips were helpful. Please contact me if you have any suggestions :)



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