All you need to know about my Vizcaya Museum trip 2018

July 14th was the day after my birthday and I decided to take a little trip to Vizcaya with my boyfriend and some friends. The day was beautiful! The sun was out, the birds were chirping, I just knew it would be a wonderful day.

This was not my first time going to Vizcaya, when I was in college I did an internship with an events company that had a party at Vizcaya. I was not really able to explore the entire venue the first time around so I was excited to do so with my special friends. It was extremely hot the day we went but It didn't let that stop me!

I have to say my favorite part about my trip was exploring the gardens and outside of the house. Being next to the water was just so relaxing and beautiful to see.

Below I show a little history on the Museum, pricing, what you need to know before going and some great photos I took while being there.


What is Vizcaya?

"Vizcaya was created as James Deering’s subtropical winter home in the 1910s and today it is a National Historic Landmark and accredited museum".

The Museum is known for its beautiful landscapes, not only can you go through the beautiful home. But you can also explore the gardens and see the incredible views of the ocean in the backyard.

"Vizcaya features an architecturally significant Main House with 34 decorated rooms, ten acres of formal gardens and diverse collections including European antiquities, American art commissioned in the 1900s and century-old plants. The estate is unusual for retaining so much of its original character, configuration and collections. Caring for Vizcaya’s spectacular historic elements and sharing them with others are our ongoing challenge and priority."


How much is the entrance fee?

Adult – $18 Child 6-12 – $6 Children 5 and under – Free

Students: $11 **A variety of discounted tickets (for seniors, students and veterans with valid ID) and promotions are available for onsite purchase only.

Buying your Vizcaya pass includes access to the house and beautiful gardens.

What should I bring during my visit?

I would suggest to bring a bottle of water and wear sunscreen, I went during the summer time and it was very hot.

Typically Miami weather is almost the same all year round.


- Water bottle

- Sun screen

- Mosquito repellant

- Camera

- Comfortable shoes for walking

- Sun glasses

Photo opportunities:

- Must walk into the Gazebo in the back of the house and take a beautiful photo in one of the frames that showcases the stone barge

- Posing in front of the back of the house

- Posing by the pool

- In the gardens (anywhere really)

My experience through photos:

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