Why I took a break from Social media

Hello, welcome back to my blog. If you're reading this, first of all thank you so much for your support. I am so thankful for anyone who takes their time to come into my site and read what I have to say. I knew that taking a break from social media would also help me gather my thoughts on what direction to take my blog. I don't want to be known for only speaking about how to save money but more of a over all lifestyle blogger. I want to share how much I love thrift shopping, where I like to eat, my adventures and just every day life situations.

Back to why I took a break from social media. Honestly, I was not happy anymore. I haven't been truly happy in a long time and I won't go too much into detail as to why. But I wanted some time to clear my mind. I noticed I was posting on Instagram, just to post. I feel like A LOT of us bloggers sometimes just post to keep up with the engagement. But in reality, are you super passionate about what you are posting? I want to post when I feel happy. When I am genuinely excited about what I am about to post, if it takes me a couple of days to post, so what? POST WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE POSTING. Don't be scared of your engagement dropping, so what?! The people who really believe in you will always be there and that's what matters.

I did not only drop social media because I felt uninspired, I also wanted to have some time to myself to think about my future goals and how I would approach them. I've been going through a tough situation and I feel like I lost myself. I lost my cheerful personality, I started staying home more often, I stopped doing a lot of the things that I loved. I've never been the selfish type, I always worry about others and get consumed by others situations that I forget to worry about myself. Through this journey of disconnection I am trying to find myself again.

I did do a little update on my stories and a couple of people sent me a DM saying they were there for me. (which was so kind)

I definitely plan on taking more social media breaks, for now I am back to posting here and there but I do not spend much time scrolling through my feed. I am only posting when I feel like it's genuine.

I did my FIRST youtube video covering this topic, have you watched it?

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