2018 Summertime thoughts

Good afternoon universe!!! I really want to do more blog posts where I just share my thoughts and opinions. This is more than just a blog, it’s where I can come and talk about anything and everything. Thank you if you’re here!

Summer 2018 has been a pretty GREAT ONE. What have I done this summer? Well, tag along and find out:

  • Yoga class at Bayfront Park with my lovely friend Anilly (doing any activity outdoors is just so relaxing)

  • Painted alongside my friend Anilly

  • Pool days! I honestly love hanging out by the pool a lot more than attending the beach

But I did also have one fabulous beach day My friend Wendy and I had the most spontaneous adventure time. We headed out to the beach where we actually swam during the night time! It was a lot of fun, the world felt at peace. The building of south beach we illuminated and everything seemed so perfect.

  • My birthday was this summer! July 13th and I had the best festivities. The week before my birthday my dear friends planned a boat trip where we discovered the most magical little island that had a walking trail inside. Then on the day of my birthday, we went laser tagging at a new arcade in Wynwood and it was INCREDIBLE.

  • There were definitely days where I just took my parents out for a little stroll in one of my favorite parks.

  • OMG! One of the best moments was seeing Sam Smith LIVE in concert with my best friend Claudia. The concert was out of this world, he took us ALL to church with his angelic voice. Wow…… such a wonderful experience.

  • Even more outdoors experiences with my boyfriend. We are at total peace when we are out exploring. We went on one of the most magical kayaking adventures EVER! Kayaking to a small island with the most perfect weather was incredible.

  • But of course, there were some thrifting days!

  • As I mentioned in my last post, I visited Vizcaya Museums with my boyfriend and my best friend Amanda and her boyfriend.

find my blog post about this trip here: http://bit.ly/VizcayaTrip2018

I also opened up my Youtube channel! Go ahead and check out my first video:

My 3-week social media break and why you should take one too!


I hope you continue living your life. My summer was pretty wonderful, I am very grateful for all the moments I was able to experience.



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