Things I've learned in 2018

This might seem like a cliche post, we learn something every year. But honestly this past year really opened my eyes to becoming a better me. I've always been the type of person that worries more about others than myself. Allowing other peoples problems to become mine, and it's all my fault. If you're reading this and you can relate, let me tell you... It's YOUR fault.

Self worth and self happiness is something that I totally forgot about, it seems like something that comes naturally but it's actually a-lot of work. It's almost like I forgot to live, I forgot what it meant to make "Jenn Happy". Breaking an 8 year relationship was exactly what I needed to realize I was no longer living for myself. The time apart made me realize wow, I need to find myself again. Simple things like being alone, is something I am still working on. Being alone is so beautiful, you get to do what YOU want, focus on what makes YOU happy. Please enjoy your time alone, it's so precious.

I learned to take more risks, I left a 5 year stable job for something completely new! I became the social media manager for Miami Fashion Week. I was so scared! I had never managed such a large account, it really pushed me to believe in myself. That job only lasted 6 months before I was given a bigger opportunity as a Graphic Designer at a huge corporate company. Life tested me twice in regards to my career path, and both times I was terrified to try something new, to leave my comfort zone? are you kidding me? Both times I told myself...

"I probably shouldn't take the job, what if I don't do a good job and fired?"

"I am so comfortable here, why leave?"

"What if I don't know how to......"

But WHYYY??? why do we doubt ourselves, this is when we don't allow ourselves to truly move forward. Some people never leave their jobs because they are scared of the unknown, they stay at a mediocre job and regret it for the rest of their lives. THAT'S NOT ME.

2018 really challenged me in ways that I needed to grow. I feel more at peace, proud of myself and content with my decisions. Whether some decisions did not make sense, it lead me to this path of enlightenment. I freaking traveled to Scotland all by myself to meet a blogger I had met online! I am living life spontaneously and enjoying every minute of it. Please travel more, don't be afraid to do something alone, if your loved one can't come, or your friends are busy.. please just go out there and do what YOU want to do. Never leave things for later, do them now.

Why get trapped in a vicious circle? EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS.

Things to do moving forward:

- Try new things

- Say YES more often

- Take on more opportunities and challenges

- Stop doubting yourself

- Not happy with your job? GET A NEW ONE

- Work on self-care

- Treat yourself

- Travel more

- Take time for yourself

- Start new hobbies

Also, read any book by Jen Sincero and you'll automatically become a better version of yourself!

Explore the unknown and know that everything happens for a reason.


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