No 2019 resolutions, just realistic goals

New year, new me right? Come on, let's be realistic for once. Do you ever write down all your New Year's resolutions and actually cross them all off? And if you do, congratulations! But most of us do not. We put too much pressure on ourselves and therefore get overwhelmed and do not end up accomplishing our resolutions.

Let's do something different this year, how about we stick to realistic goals? What are those you might ask.... every single person has different goals. Losing weight can seem like a very generic goal right? What if you actually wrote down a realistic step by step technique on how to reach YOUR goal. Maybe you want to lose 10 pounds, or maybe it's 20 pounds.

Losing weight:

What would that look like?

- work out 3-4 times a week after work

- sign up to my local gym

- find a gym partner

- eat fewer carbs

- go for a walk every day after work

- include more protein into my diet

Keep it simple... but you can not just say " I want to lose weight this year", okay well what are you going to do to get that done? That's why writing down a new years resolution list is way too generic and doesn't really get to the point. You need actual plans to achieve your goals.

Keep in mind.... what are the necessary steps to reaching your goal? Make sure to include things that will actually motivate you. Example, what do you enjoy doing? merge that into your goal. If you don't like doing activities by yourself then invite some friends to do whatever IT is with you! Like working out, being more social, or maybe you want to start painting or fishing, etc.

Keep on keeping on..... You need to really try to make these goals happen. Keeping a journal with all your goals will help you visually see what you need to do and you can even cross off tasks that you already completed. This will really help you stay accountable for your decisions.

What if you really hate your job and want a new one?

Well first of all, stop having a pity party for yourself and stop complaining so much about how you hate your job. Ask yourself, have you tried to get a new job? Have you updated your resume? Did you apply to new jobs? For some of you complainers, the answer might be no. Instead of feeling bad for the position you are in, why not get motivated to do everything in your power to have that dream job you've been wanting.

What are the realistic goals you can have for a new job?

- Update your resume (customize it to the job you are seeking for)

- Network! go out there and attend any events related to your field (make business cards)

- Apply to at least 3-5 jobs every couple of days

- Talk to companies in person! why not? ask if they are hiring

How to manifest your goals:

- Make a vision board of where you want to see yourself in the next 2 months? 5 months? 2 years?

- Keep a journal and write down your step by step process to reaching your goal

- Make a reminder on your phone to do whatever IT is at a certain time (read a book at 9 pm for 15 min)

- Keep notes on your phone about your affirmations (I will find my dream job very soon) (I have my dream job already and I am so happy)

- Believe that you can!

Most importantly ALWAYS work on yourself! Dedicate this year to becoming the best version of yourself. Do not settle, push yourself to do all the things you have been wanting to do. What is stopping you, Your fears? Are you scared of changes? Well too bad.... put on your grown-up pants and do something for yourself. I do NOT feel bad for people who are not happy where they are in life but choose to only complain and not take action. DON'T be that person.

You are so much better.

Hope you enjoyed my tips to making your realistic goals a reality, if you need a little push feel free to message me on here or instagram I would love to help.



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