Biggest success in life so far

Biggest success in life so far... How did I get the idea to write this post? Well, I was searching in google "blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers". I came across a list of 100 topics and for some reason this one stood out. BIGGEST success in life so far, this can mean so many things to different people. My definition of success will always be different to yours. We all give importance to different moments of success in our lives.

So what do I consider my success story? that's a tough one. All my life I have started with an idea and never truly thinking it would be possible. When I was fresh out of Highschool I believed working in Best Buy would be my life, owning a car would be impossible. But of course, I did get out of best buy, and I was able to purchase a car with my own money. My second job would be at a printing company where once again, I did not think I would ever get out. While working full time, I was also going to College. Those years were so hectic, I do not know how I even managed to do both. I was working there for 5 years and saw no growth no opportunity for my future. But fortunately I graduated from College with a high GPA (Cum Laude) and a year later I found a Social Media Managing position which would change my life.

After leaving the print job for the Miami Fashion Week, Social Media position.. I knew I was unstoppable. I had never managed a social media account for someone else, this was all new to me but I had to fake it till I made it. Not only was I extremely good at the position, but I gained so much confidence. I grew their following by 20k+ and their engagement went through the roof. But let's keep it real, when I first got the job I was terrified! I thought I wasn't going to be able to keep up, I had second thoughts about taking the job. I cried so much, scared of the unknown, scared of leaving my stable 5 year job. I went for it, leaving what I knew behind.

Always wanting more... I've always been the type of person that can not stay still. Always wanting more knowledge, more challenges. I soon realized my social media job had no growth. The company was small and they didn't really care much about their employees, I no longer felt happy there. Another sign of hope came my way. My best friend approached me about a Graphic Design position at her job, once again I freaked out. Graphic design is what I went to school for, what I have been wanting to do for so long. FEAR came again, I thought I was not capable of working in a corporate company designing. What if I wasn't good enough? what if my designs bombed? What If I leave this job and then I get fired in the new one?

STATUS REPORT: New job is going great, I have been challenged multiple times, my design skill have improved immensely and I believe in myself. For some reason we all doubt ourselves and sometimes we don't allow ourselves to truly be successful.

Biggest success in life so far? just everything that I've ever gone through. I am always scared to try something new but I go for it. Writing this blog post I am realizing how much of a bad ass I really am. I come from a family that has no money, everything I have I needed to work for. My car, my school loans, my new home.. everything was done by ME. I literally started from the bottom, I was a C student my whole life and something just switched in my head during college years and I thrived. My SUCCESS is never giving up, always wanting a better life. I've had MULTIPLE bumps in the road, but that never stopped me.

As you read this I hope you take the time to stop and reflect on all your successes. it does not matter how big or small they may be. Reflect, and let me know how this post made you feel.

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