I went to see a shrink for the first time

Never thought I would write a blog post like this, but then again you can never say never. Cheesy, I know. You do not have to be "crazy" to see one. Speaking to a complete stranger about your life can be comforting. A stranger who is completely out of the loop and can offer a un-biased opinion. Thankfully, I do like speaking to people when I am feeling down so I think my first experience will go just fine.

Why speak to a counselor?

- just need to let something out

- anxiety

- depression

- divorce

- grieving

and the list goes on, there is no RIGHT reason to go visit a counselor. But if you've been thinking about seeing one, just go for it. Try something new and see how it goes.

Why am I going?

We all go through tough times, and sometimes we just need a bit of guidance to get everything right on track. Taking a CHILL PILL is something I need to work on. I worry a lot, I need to learn to just LET GO. You might call me a control freak, but I just want everything to go smoothly.

What am I expecting?

I am hoping the lady is kind and welcoming. I know it's not realistic to have a deep conversation on the first visit but I do hope we get to speak a little bit about what's bothering me. The first session usually consists of getting to know each other, and after doing some research it says to not get your hopes up on the first try. Also, sometimes the first person you see is the not always going to be the right counselor for YOU. It may take a couple of tries.

Inner thoughts:

" Will I be able to get to the point on the first session?"

" Should I bring a sweater in case its cold..."

" I have no idea what she's going to ask me"

UPDATE: How did it go?

Well.... it was exactly what I had expected. It did go well, and I immediately felt welcomed. When I entered the office I sat down on a couch all by myself.. yes like the movies LOL. But I did not have to lay down, I just sat there and waited for her to begin the session.

The counselor was very sweet and started off by asking of course, what brought me in today, and to tell her a little bit about myself. No, there wasn't a whole lot of " and how does that make you feel" she gave me REAL advise and at times... a harsh reality check. I left feeling a little more organized, and with a clear idea on what the next steps would be to bring more peace into my life. Of course this first session did not "cure" my issues, I need to go back for a few more. There is only so much you can discuss in one hour. I felt like I was trying to rush by and say EVERYTHING in that one hour lol. I need to plan my second visit soon.

Mental health is a process, if what you have been doing is not working you can definitely find other options to help you out. You may not even have major issues going on, but talking to someone just feels really great. This post is not me trying to convince you to go see a shrink, rather to have more of an open mind and seek new ways to make yourself feel stronger.

It's okay to not be okay, let's be real... no one is happy 24/7! That's not how life works. Don't believe the photos you see on social media. I know people who post photos with their loved ones and they literally just had a CRAZY fight like a couple of days before. FOCUS ON YOU!

If you need someone to talk to, or need some advice on how to find a counselor, I will definitely help the most I can. I am no expert but we all need to help each other, what else is our purpose other than to be the best we can be?

Also, If you know someone who is going through a tough time, please take the time to make them smile. You never know how much a simple smile can help.



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