How to host a murder mystery party

It's all fun and games until you have to find who the murder is....

No but seriously, it's all fun and games! haha I am so excited to teach you guys how to host your own Murder Mystery party. My best friend and I put it all together for a friends birthday party and to be honest, we had no idea what to expect. We just knew we wanted to go all out!

Here is what you will need + how to play:

- Murder mystery game ( I literally searched this on Amazon)

- Link to all games:

- Link to specific game we played (which was amazing!):

- Decorations: lots and lots of decorations! I made the "suspects" sign in photoshop and printed them. My friend bought a packet from amazon that had the caution tape and bloody stickers. You can decorate how ever you want but we did enjoy our decorations and our "fancy" table set up. The table had a bunch of glassware, fancy candles and of course a cheese plate.

and of course you need a dead body tapped on the floor!

- Dinner party: You do not need to actually have dinner while playing the game. What we did instead, was have a table with FANCY hors devours. We all sat around the living room and read our scripts as we acted out our characters, had drinks and ate some small bites. Very casual and cozy.

- Characters + Dress up: The game will have a list of all characters, we all chose who we wanted to be a couple of days before the actual party. This gives you time to find an outfit adequate to your character. Most Murder mystery games allow 10+ players! I was paired up with EM FATALE, the widow, who has red lips, and wears a dress that looks poured on, always dressed to kill ;) I decided to wear a tight sexy dress with a bright lipstick and of course... a vintage looking fan to look EXTRA. It literally felt like halloween all over again, SO MUCH FUN.

- Act it out: Honestly this was the BEST part, seeing everyone act out their characters. You do not NEED to act it out, you can just read what's on your script. But acting out your characters is way more entertaining! Some of us had random accents such as; Russian, Jersey boy, Yiddish and Southern. You already know I went with the southern bell approach and it was freaking hilarious. Everyone was dying of laughter seeing each other act out our answers.

How to play: We all get a little booklet that has 3 Acts and 1 finale. We can ask each other two questions per scene. You go around the room asking everyone until they've all answered, then you can move to the next act. In your script it will show the question that can be asked to you and the answers you should give. It'll say IF GUILTY READ THIS, IF INNOCENT READ THIS. Don't worry, it'll tell you exactly what to say, you won't be lost. The back of each booklet has the questions for everyone.

Before you play the game all names are drawn into a hat and who ever gets the X on their card will be the murderer for the game with out telling anyone, obviously.

The game comes with a DVD that basically goes through the story with you and also gives you some clues and additional information you might not know about each character. It's only an audio so you can play it from the tv or dvd player.

What else? The theme of this game is to find who the murderer is. Pay attention to what everyone says, to the clues and JUST HAVE FUN! I can not describe how much fun we ALL had playing this game. It was hilarious seeing everyone go into character, some would stand up and get very into their persona. The game lasts around 2-3 hours depends on how many breaks you take to eat or to have drinks.

Over all I think this game is good for all ages to be honest!

I hope you enjoyed my post and please let me know if I've inspired you to host your very own murder mystery party! If you have any questions feel free to reach out!



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